Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Weekend Wind Down

I had the best birthday ever this past weekend. Mike managed to surprise me, although I knew something was up, for the first time in 6 years. I have the sweetest friends who helped him pull off surprising me. My heart is full knowing that I have so many people that cared enough to celebrate with me. Mike and our pals made my 30th so special, and I will never forget it. 

Last day in my 20's...Of course I had to go get some birthday blooms...

I'm sure everyone wants to know what the surprise was, so let me start by telling you that a few months ago I thought it would be fun to do a margarita hop. The main objective was to find out the top 5 places in The Woodlands to get a good margarita. I was telling Mike that getting a party bus and hopping around to a few places for margaritas and having my friends judge which place had the best margarita would be so much fun. I even thought it would be so cute for the girls and I to where those cute Mexican embroidered dresses. 
Life got in the way and I didn't go beyond just the thought of the margarita hop. Well, last minute Mike did his best to make most of the margarita hop idea happen. He did darn good too. I had no idea. Not to mention, he completely threw me off the morning of my birthday. He wanted to go to the mall to "look for some shoes", however the first stop was to look at rings. He told me not to get my hopes up that he wasn't asking me to marry him, he has just been looking into it and wanted to make sure that the cut I told him I wanted was really what I wanted. Actually,  they didn't have an emerald cut diamond there so they put in an order to bring one in so that I could see one, and today is when it should be there for me to go look at. Which by the way, I know for sure the emerald is what I want, but I am super excited to see one that's comparable to something I would have. 
Ohhh the things my mind was thinking after that though...
So you see, he did good because he threw me off a bit, and for a while, about what I thought was going to happen Saturday evening. And then of course the whole wardrobe what do I wear issue. That was a given that something was going on when he was trying to subtly tell me what/how to dress. When I really knew something was going on, and what really gave it away was when we were outside waiting on our "Uber" and a big party bus drives by. Only to come back by and turn down our street and stop in front of the house.  I literally start cracking up laughing when I saw it drive by, and Mike was still trying to play like nothing was going on.
The door to the bus opens and I see a gorgeous flower arrangement and i'm thinking 'oh my gosh, who is on this bus'. Then I hear someone yell whoooo, and at this point i'm dying inside of embarrassment. 
I didn't feel that way too long, once I got on to see all my peoples I was so excited they were there to join me. 

Birthday outfit that Mike "helped" me decide to wear...I'll link where to get this adorable bodysuit later on MN.

Some of my friends might kill me for putting this on the blog, but it was the best one out of 2. Limo driver photography I might add...

What happens on the party bus, stays on the party bus...but here's a couple that my beautiful friend Heather snapped of me...

This is the gorgeous arrangement I saw when the doors to the bus opened. Our sweet friends Igal & Lori got these for me....

Mike is seriously the best thing that has ever happened to me. I tell him that all the time because I truly mean it. Without him there's so much I wouldn't have or been/be able to do. He's such an amazing partner, father, brother and son, with the biggest heart. I can't imagine my life without him. I'm kind of proud his first time surprising me was this way. 
It does feel slightly different being 30, but i'm so ready for it.  It's time to get my shit together for sure though. I think, hope, & pray that good things are about to happen for me, so i'm staying positive and patient and so anxious to grab life by the horns and do my thing. 
I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful support system and want to thank everyone who has cheered me on. One of the things I hope I can do as a real, real adult is be more consistent blogging. I do consider it a job/small business and I need to do better at treating it as such. Hang in there and stick with me. 
Hope everyone had a fabulous past weekend and current week. Looking forward to another 30th celebration this weekend for one of my longest & dearest friends that helped me ring in my 30th. 
Until next time....

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