Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Perform on Pinterest

I decided instead of a weekend wind down yesterday, I would share the Perform on Pinterest venue today. If you know me, you know that I love anything interior design. And as soon as I walked into the Carnegie Custom home where the Perform on Pinterest workshop was held, I fell in love. Each flight of stairs I climbed, the love affair grew. 
First, I want to start by saying Meg from Meg O on the Go and Channing from Moms Without Answers did an excellent job teaching us amateur pinners. There was lots of info on the agenda and they did an awesome job covering it all. Attending this workshop was somewhat last minute for me. Mike and I were talking about a business for me and I mentioned that I really needed help learning how to use Pinterest for my blog/any future businesses benefit. It just so happened that the Perform on Pinterest workshop was that upcoming weekend and they still had tickets available. Yay for me, because it was very helpful. I'm anxious to get a chance to sit down and play around with Pinterest using the knowledge I left with on Sunday. 
From my understanding High Fashion Home came in and decorated, so any decor you see was from them. They did a fabulous job enhancing the beauty of the interior of the building. By the way, the natural light on every floor of this home is insane, a bloggers dream for sure. It's hard to say which was my favorite room in the house but I will say when you walk in the front door on the main level, the chevron tiled floor stopped me in my tracks. Oh and what I think was the master bathroom, was gorgeous. Talk about house envy. 
There were several event and swag bag sponsors, including a Fuddrucker's food truck. Which is pretty cool because I didn't even know Fuddrucker's had a food truck option! Good to know, because they have the best hamburgers...and their buns are my favorite.  
Still thrilled, writing this, that I went. I saw some familiar faces and met a few new beauties. As terrible as I am with anything social media/techy, i'll probably be attending the next Pinterest workshop they have. If you are also interested in learning a bit more about Pinterest Meg and Channing are your girls. I'll leave their info as well as Carnegie Custom Homes info at the bottom of this post. 
Hope your having a great week guys. Enjoy these photos of this amazing home we were so lucky to be in on Sunday for the workshop. Let me know what you think! And if you see anything (such as the candy bar on the table) you want more info on, let me know and i'll gather contact information for you. 
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