Thursday, July 6, 2017

Budget Blooms: $15 or Under

I knew it had been a minute since I posted last, but I didn't realize it's almost been a month. Not that traveling is an excuse, because there are tons of traveling bloggers out there who manage to blog regularly, but we've been traveling via car/RV so much the last couple weeks. Pulling a 5th wheel is exhausting. After the first week in Louisiana we came home for just a few days, and I was overwhelmed with tons of laundry and getting other things done around the house & the camper before we headed back to Louisiana. I also used whatever excess time I had to play around with my Silhouette Cameo 3 I received as an early birthday gift. It's been a bit of a tease getting it early. Imagine getting a shiny new toy but you can't play with it! 
We are home now, at least for the next few weeks, and I couldn't be happier. In fact, it's my birthday week and Mike has asked dozens of times what I want to do or where I want to go. My response was basically, do nothing and go no where, unless we are flying... 
I'm confident my birthday request is not a reflection of what my 30's will be like, and it's all based from the fact I have spent way too many hours stuck in a truck pulling a camper. And although I don't have grand plans to kick off this new era I am about to enter in a few days, I'm excited for 30 and ready to take on what God has planned for me. 
I haven't wanted to be absent on MN, but good ideas always come to me when I disconnect from it all, including social media. If i'm not posting anything on Instagram or Facebook, it's because I have nothing authentic to share with you. Also, it's tough on my end because social media isn't just a new concept for me, it is for Mike as well. As frustrating as it is for me that he doesn't grasp the blogging concept, I have to realize that his job is, and always will be, way more important and demanding. I'm currently in the phase where i'm practicing my patience and working on not letting it bother me that I can't post something 2-3 x a day, everyday, because I can't rely on him to snap a photo. Tripods can only do so much. The good news is though, he's working on it and i'm working on it. Mike does try to understand, it's just not a priority. Now that we are home for a bit, I'm going to make MN more of MY priority.
Having this Silhouette has sparked some ideas for me and interests for Mike. We've been scheming over here and I woke this morning sensing change. Not really sure what but i'll go will the flow and be ready to find out. In a way I feel like my 30th birthday is a New Year...I need and want it to be great new time of my life!
Since I have happy vibes over here, I thought what better post than a Budget Blooms of Peonies. Damn near every girls favorite flower. I missed out on a second chance to get more Peony blooms for their season. But, there are more flowers to be had for the Summer season.

I spent less than $15 on 2 - 5/stem Peonies from Trader Joe's. When I got home, I kicked myself for grabbing, at least one more. Because it is so stinking hot and so humid here in Texas, it doesn't take long for them to open up. I did add a couple ice cubes to the water in vase, which I think helped a few of the blooms stay closed as long as possible. Once they open up completely, they don't keep for very long, so I also changed the water every 2 days to assist in keep them as long as I could. They were around for almost a week and a half, which is better than I did last year. 
Total for 2 - 5/stem Peonies (est. $6.99) was about $15.13...
How was your 4th of July? We spent it traveling right? Expect to see lots of t-shirts on me with fun designs, because I have tons of ideas. Oh and i'm accepting any tips, tricks and advice on using the Silhouette Cameo 3, if your familiar. I don't have anything on the calendar for tomorrow, but have plans to create some content to share next week on MN. Until next then....
Cheers loves, 

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