Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Weekend Wind Down

Heeey guys! I missed my weekly weekend wind down yesterday, so here I am posting it today for ya. We were consistently busy throughout this entire weekend, yet it was still fun. Mike's son Dillan, came in town last week and stayed through this week. He brought his 4 wheeler, so naturally we had to go ride. Originally we were going camping, however the rain percentages arranged other plans for us. We decided to day trip it to a park, pretty much down the road. Mike is ok with riding in the rain, just not camping in the rain. I have to agree because rain + dirt + shoes + muddy clothes + in a camper, doesn't equal up for me. 
We got out to the park and started wishing it would actually rain too. The dirt was flying and Mike removed the windshield before we left the house. My sunglasses were not doing the job and keeping the dirt out of my eyes and I completely forgot to bring my bandanna to cover my face. It did sprinkle for a few minutes, which actually did help settle the dirt and reduce the amount of dirt coming at our face. For the most part it was an enjoyable day trip. We ended the night by going out for Tex-Mex food. Other than that, that was the extent of our weekend.

Sunday we were back at it again non-stop all day; church & getting things done around the house, preparing for guest... This is a busy week in the oilfield, and if your in the oil and gas industry you know what I mean. It's OTC this week here in Houston, which means lots of visitors. This year, specifically for us to entertain (which we love doing), not as many guests as previous years. Normally, or the last few years at least, we've been host to a couple oversea guest. And we had a full house on Sunday again this year! It's only Tuesday and it already feels like a looonngg week. So, i'll do my best to put together as many blog post this week as I can. I must admit I was totally lazy blogging last week and didn't share the details on the dress from the wedding we went to a few weeks ago. It's on the schedule this week so hopefully OTC doesn't exhaust me too much! How was your weekend?

Cheers loves,

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