Thursday, May 4, 2017

Home & Entertaining: Mom's Birthday Bar Cart

Oh this week is never ending. I have been so exhausted the last couple days. Between the constant changing of weather and busy schedule, all I want to do when I get a minute is sit down, do nothing and chill. So I've been a little lazy blogging this week. However, I have lots coming up for MN. There are a couple little chalk paint projects I need to wrap up for my office, so I can share more on the office/guest bedroom redo. I did find bedding, and in the nick of time, before our guest arrived Sunday...and I found the cutest wrap dress the other day that got lots of positive vibes on Insta, so i'm excited to share that later with y'all as well. 
If you remember, a couple weeks ago we hosted a crawfish boil, but really a surprise birthday party for my Mom. Some of her closest friends came over to help us surprise & celebrate her birthday, and I can't believe it, but we pulled it off and actually surprised her. I didn't go too crazy with decorations (and I wanted to go all out too, with balloons galore) because that would have been to obvious as soon as she walked in the house. I kept what decorations I had to the back of house so it wasn't the first thing she noticed. The cars out front would be one clue already, I didn't want her walking in and seeing balloons and putting two and two together before we got to the SURPRISE part. Luckily, I distracted her enough outside when she arrived, that she didn't even notice all her friends cars. After that, it was smooth sailing. She was so surprised, and I loved every minute of it and am so grateful for everyone who showed up to show their love for her. Most importantly, Mom had a blast, and I couldn't ask for anything more. 

I only saw it fitting to feature the ingredients to make "her" drink. Mom doesn't really drink anything but vodka and club soda, no fruit. The no fruit part is important guys.. I say feature because, in reality or past parties, no one really uses whats on the bar cart. I don't if it's to pretty for them and they don't want to mess anything up or break anything, but I've learned that things usually go untouched. Which is even better in my mind because I can make things even prettier and it won't get messed up. I love bar cart styling, and have said I don't think it will get old. You can make such a statement by the way you decorate one. They are a great way to be festive and creative. I'm having fun with it, and would love any and all ideas. Do you have a bar cart?
Thanks for stopping by and come back tomorrow, I plan on sharing a fancy little number. Hope your having a fabulous week. Is anyone else really excited tomorrow is Friday? 


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