Friday, May 5, 2017

Fancy Friday: Little Black Floral Embroidered Dress

Happy Cinco de Mayo to those who celebrate. I know after this looonngg week, I could use a margarita or two. Finally sharing the dress I wore to my sweet friends wedding, a few wedding decorations and the venue. Seriously, it was such a perfect wedding and magical night. Loved every minute of it and beyond glad I got to be apart of it. I especially enjoyed catching up with so many high school pals. 
This wasn't the original dress I had intended on wearing, however it caught my eye as I was going to pay. I went and tried it on and knew it was the one. So I settled for it and absolutely loved being in it. Not to mention, it was under $30! If your in The Woodlands, the store is called Upscale for Less. As far as I know I think there are a couple other stores around the greater Houston/Texas area. I love going into this store, and feel like it's still the best kept secret for trendy, fairly cheap clothes. They have the CUTEST clothes in there,  a few accessories and no shoes. I would definitely describe it like a boutique department store...better quality, just as cute clothes as, let's say, Forever 21, a little more expensive than Forever style clothes, but not boutique prices. 
I'm not being paid, nor getting commission. In fact, I must warn you the customer service is terrible, and/or the owners & employees lack any enthusiasm for what they do. So, don't go in expecting any  fashion advice or help...your on your own in there. But it is a great spot to check out for any last minute outfits. I have only ever stopped in there when I need to find something quick, and i'm usually quite successful. 

Love this beautiful bride, and how gorgeous is her dress? So stunning...

 It looks like it's going to be another gorgeous day today and this weekend. And I am taking full advantage and plan on going out to the Insperity Invitational Golf Tournament at The Woodlands Tournament Course. I grew up going to golf tournaments and being out on some of the courses we have out here, so it's something that I still, and probably always will, love doing. And in my mind I play golf really reality I've never even played golf. Both my mom and my dad (my dad very well) play golf. I remember growing up he wanted all his kids so badly to play golf and get scholarships. Needless to say, none of us took any interest. Until now, at the age of almost 30, I am...  I'm also convinced though that out of all of his kids, I am bound to be the one who can actually play golf. It makes sense because i'm the most least out of all the girls. I've been hinting around for the last couple months that I want to learn how to play (and it might have been a New Year goal). So I guess my next step is to actually take some lessons! How happy are you that it's finally Friday? Any Cinco de Mayo plans for you? Hope you have a fab weekend...until next time.
Cheers loves, 

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