Thursday, May 18, 2017

Budget Blooms: $15 or Under

Hello all! Ok before we get right into a new budget blooms, i'm going to take a minute to rant. I woke up not too happy after checking my Instagram post from the night before. I posted at about 10:30, pretty average for me, and woke up to only 28 likes! Now, I know the photo I posted wasn't spectacular, but by all means it was not terrible. I have almost 3K followers and your telling me only 28 people saw it? It's not about the amount of likes for me all the time, but lately Instagram has been very slow to push my photos I post. I'm not really doing anything dramatically different either. I may use a couple new hashtags, depending on the photo. I realize that some of my "followers" are probably fake accounts, because that comes with the territory when you use services to grow your following. I don't care what anyone else says, if they have thousands, upon thousands of followers, they are using a service and a lot of their followers are fake. With that being said, I know who my loyal followers are, and there are more than 28 of them! This has been pissing me off just about all week, and i'm not quite sure what to do about it. I recently did a trial run with a new service to help me grow my followers and cancelled after the first week so I could make my decision if I wanted to continue using them. It makes me wonder if using these services is effecting my account? Or using apps like When To Post is? I only say that because I had downloaded a new "when to post" app just yesterday. If anyone has any advice, tips, or solutions, i'll gladly take it. For now, get used to me deleting and reposting photos if I don't find they are performing well. Whats funny is I deleted last nights photo as soon as I saw it only reached 28 people, and immediately reposted it. That was 23 minutes has 72 likes already! I've always understood that timing has a lot to do with it. But I have never, ever, had an issue posting something past 10 pm. Last nights scenario was just ridiculous, and quite frankly if Instagram doesn't start playing fair, you just might not find me on it anymore.
Moving on to this weeks Budget Blooms. Today i'm sharing the flowers from my mom's surprise birthday party. If you've been following the Budget Blooms series, you will know by now that I love having fresh flowers around the house anytime we are entertaining or playing host. I woke up the morning of moms party and ran to Trader Joes. When I got back home and put the bouquets together, I was very pleased because they gave off a very tropical vibe. That evening of her party happened to be a freakishly cold night too, so the flowers had me dreaming of warm tropical weather. 
The best part I spent less than $15 again. In fact, I spent less than $10 y'all! Even though I only could make two small bouquets, they were very vibrant, which made look full. so it looked like a lot. And I have to say, so far, they are one of my favorites I've put together so far. 
Total for 1 roses w/ aralias (est. $5.49), and 1 stock bundle (est. $2.99) was about $8.61.
What's everyone's plan for the weekend? Tomorrow is Friday, and I am thrilled. Even though Mike gets in today from Trinidad and we are headed straight out to an oilfield clay shoot event. We are taking the camper and side by side, and will be staying out there tonight and tomorrow. Crossing my fingers we get up and come home early on Saturday so I don't feel like yet another one of my weekends is shot and not spent at home. I'm sooooo ready for the Summer. Not so much for the weather, but because everything tends to slow down. Even if it slows down just a little, i'm looking forward to it. Plus, if you make the best of your Summer and spend it right, Summer vibes are the awesome. That's why it's always so bittersweet when it ends, right? Don't forget to check out my review from yesterday over the Micro-Pedi by Emjoi. Until next time....
Cheers loves, 

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