Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Weekend Wind Down

Hope everyone had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend. I'm keeping it short and sweet today and winding down my weekend with a few photos. It was a busy, long weekend. Saturday my friends precious baby girl turned 1, and we attended her birthday party. 

Sunday my sister, Brittney, got married. After the ceremony, the bride and groom went off to celebrate with their friends, and my family came back to our house to eat and swim. 
And we celebrated, Monday, MD with friends and had an awesome day. It was so awesome, I didn't even bust out my camera. We got lucky and it didn't rain, so we did plenty of grilling and swimming. We were also lucky that it wasn't "Texas" hot. 
Photos of me taken by my beautiful Aunt Vicki. My sister was lucky to have 3, yes 3, photographers (not that i'm a photographer by any means) capturing her special day...

Post wedding, enjoying homemade pina coladas & watermelon. My 100% cotton, comfy top was $7 at Wal-Mart!
Sorry I was MIA on MN last week. With that being said, i'm working on some fun content. We've been planning our summer away over here, figuring out where we want to travel too. In fact, our Hong Kong trip we are supposed to take in November, is now an option at the end of July. Sooo, like I said, lots of planning going on over here. So glad it's a short week! Already looking forward to the weekend. Schools just about out. What are some of your end of school plans? Until next tme...

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Budget Blooms: $15 or Under

Hello all! Ok before we get right into a new budget blooms, i'm going to take a minute to rant. I woke up not too happy after checking my Instagram post from the night before. I posted at about 10:30, pretty average for me, and woke up to only 28 likes! Now, I know the photo I posted wasn't spectacular, but by all means it was not terrible. I have almost 3K followers and your telling me only 28 people saw it? It's not about the amount of likes for me all the time, but lately Instagram has been very slow to push my photos I post. I'm not really doing anything dramatically different either. I may use a couple new hashtags, depending on the photo. I realize that some of my "followers" are probably fake accounts, because that comes with the territory when you use services to grow your following. I don't care what anyone else says, if they have thousands, upon thousands of followers, they are using a service and a lot of their followers are fake. With that being said, I know who my loyal followers are, and there are more than 28 of them! This has been pissing me off just about all week, and i'm not quite sure what to do about it. I recently did a trial run with a new service to help me grow my followers and cancelled after the first week so I could make my decision if I wanted to continue using them. It makes me wonder if using these services is effecting my account? Or using apps like When To Post is? I only say that because I had downloaded a new "when to post" app just yesterday. If anyone has any advice, tips, or solutions, i'll gladly take it. For now, get used to me deleting and reposting photos if I don't find they are performing well. Whats funny is I deleted last nights photo as soon as I saw it only reached 28 people, and immediately reposted it. That was 23 minutes has 72 likes already! I've always understood that timing has a lot to do with it. But I have never, ever, had an issue posting something past 10 pm. Last nights scenario was just ridiculous, and quite frankly if Instagram doesn't start playing fair, you just might not find me on it anymore.
Moving on to this weeks Budget Blooms. Today i'm sharing the flowers from my mom's surprise birthday party. If you've been following the Budget Blooms series, you will know by now that I love having fresh flowers around the house anytime we are entertaining or playing host. I woke up the morning of moms party and ran to Trader Joes. When I got back home and put the bouquets together, I was very pleased because they gave off a very tropical vibe. That evening of her party happened to be a freakishly cold night too, so the flowers had me dreaming of warm tropical weather. 
The best part I spent less than $15 again. In fact, I spent less than $10 y'all! Even though I only could make two small bouquets, they were very vibrant, which made look full. so it looked like a lot. And I have to say, so far, they are one of my favorites I've put together so far. 
Total for 1 roses w/ aralias (est. $5.49), and 1 stock bundle (est. $2.99) was about $8.61.
What's everyone's plan for the weekend? Tomorrow is Friday, and I am thrilled. Even though Mike gets in today from Trinidad and we are headed straight out to an oilfield clay shoot event. We are taking the camper and side by side, and will be staying out there tonight and tomorrow. Crossing my fingers we get up and come home early on Saturday so I don't feel like yet another one of my weekends is shot and not spent at home. I'm sooooo ready for the Summer. Not so much for the weather, but because everything tends to slow down. Even if it slows down just a little, i'm looking forward to it. Plus, if you make the best of your Summer and spend it right, Summer vibes are the awesome. That's why it's always so bittersweet when it ends, right? Don't forget to check out my review from yesterday over the Micro-Pedi by Emjoi. Until next time....
Cheers loves, 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Micro-Pedi by Emjoi

Well hello Wednesday. Is anyone else ready for the weekend? Sorry for being MIA, but sometimes life calls. I'm switching it up a little today on MN. Usually I would be blogging a Closet Diaries, but today i'm sharing with you my review on the Micro-Pedi from Emjoi.
I was sent a road test sample from Lipton Publicity. With that being said, all opinions are mine. 

I was super excited for the opportunity to try the Micro-Pedi. If you know me, you know that i'm a huge germophobe, so I seldom/never go to a nail salon and get pedicures. Therefore, I have unwanted dry and calloused feet. They aren't extremely terrible, on a scale from 1-10, 10 being the worst, I would say they are at about a 4. So, not terrible. But, I have noticed myself becoming more and more aware of my dry heels when i'm wearing sandals, and just recently have thought about figuring out a solution to get rid of it. We have a salt water pool, so last summer I would try to exfoliate my feet with the salt for the pool. Anytime it was time to add a bag of salt to the pool, we would dump a pile on the steps, and I would get in and help dissolve it by stirring it up with my feet.  It's not quite warm enough, for me, to get in the pool.
Before: Left Foot
Before: Right Foot

Luckily, this year I don't think I'll need to do that. After using the Micro-Pedi, my feet will already be exfoliated before I even get to take my first dip in the pool. It was super easy to use and lightweight in the hand. I, personally, found that using the blue roller first, that comes with the Micro Pedi, and then using  the Extreme Coarse Micro Mineral roller (sold separately as a two-pack) worked really well. My feet are also VERY ticklish, however I didn't find that I was uncomfortable when using it, nor was the Micro-Pedi painful or uncomfortable on other areas of my feet.  It's one of those things that you probably would never buy for yourself, which is why it's the perfect gift idea. Plus, everyone needs it and can use it. Who would have thought at home personal care could be so fun?! The Micro-Pedi really is kind of fun to use because you get into it, but it doesn't have to take long at all to get soft feet. It only takes about minute to remove the dry and calloused skin, and you will need to 2 AA batteries for you to be able to go to town on those feet. 

Keep in mind, if you ever don't know what to get someone, the Micro Pedi is a great gift idea and can be purchased here. With sandal season already in full effect (at least in Texas), it would be a much appreciated gift too! How has your week been so far? Have you ever used the Micro-Pedi by Emjoi? Until next time...

Friday, May 5, 2017

Fancy Friday: Little Black Floral Embroidered Dress

Happy Cinco de Mayo to those who celebrate. I know after this looonngg week, I could use a margarita or two. Finally sharing the dress I wore to my sweet friends wedding, a few wedding decorations and the venue. Seriously, it was such a perfect wedding and magical night. Loved every minute of it and beyond glad I got to be apart of it. I especially enjoyed catching up with so many high school pals. 
This wasn't the original dress I had intended on wearing, however it caught my eye as I was going to pay. I went and tried it on and knew it was the one. So I settled for it and absolutely loved being in it. Not to mention, it was under $30! If your in The Woodlands, the store is called Upscale for Less. As far as I know I think there are a couple other stores around the greater Houston/Texas area. I love going into this store, and feel like it's still the best kept secret for trendy, fairly cheap clothes. They have the CUTEST clothes in there,  a few accessories and no shoes. I would definitely describe it like a boutique department store...better quality, just as cute clothes as, let's say, Forever 21, a little more expensive than Forever style clothes, but not boutique prices. 
I'm not being paid, nor getting commission. In fact, I must warn you the customer service is terrible, and/or the owners & employees lack any enthusiasm for what they do. So, don't go in expecting any  fashion advice or help...your on your own in there. But it is a great spot to check out for any last minute outfits. I have only ever stopped in there when I need to find something quick, and i'm usually quite successful. 

Love this beautiful bride, and how gorgeous is her dress? So stunning...

 It looks like it's going to be another gorgeous day today and this weekend. And I am taking full advantage and plan on going out to the Insperity Invitational Golf Tournament at The Woodlands Tournament Course. I grew up going to golf tournaments and being out on some of the courses we have out here, so it's something that I still, and probably always will, love doing. And in my mind I play golf really reality I've never even played golf. Both my mom and my dad (my dad very well) play golf. I remember growing up he wanted all his kids so badly to play golf and get scholarships. Needless to say, none of us took any interest. Until now, at the age of almost 30, I am...  I'm also convinced though that out of all of his kids, I am bound to be the one who can actually play golf. It makes sense because i'm the most least out of all the girls. I've been hinting around for the last couple months that I want to learn how to play (and it might have been a New Year goal). So I guess my next step is to actually take some lessons! How happy are you that it's finally Friday? Any Cinco de Mayo plans for you? Hope you have a fab weekend...until next time.
Cheers loves,