Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekend Wind Down

My how the weekend just flew by. No complaints here though because the "crawfish boil", which was an alias excuse to tell mom because it was really her surprise birthday party, was beyond successful. During the last few minutes before her arrival I was beginning to think she was on to it. However, the look on her face when she got here and saw everyone casually chatting in the back yard said otherwise. She had no idea that a small group of some of her closest friends would all be in my backyard, of all places. I've been planning this for a few weeks now, and none of it would have gone smoothly without one of her best friends, Tracie, who helped me tremendously, and my stepdad Bubba. Can't thank them enough for all the work! It was a night I will always remember, not only because Mom had such a blast, but because Mike and I also made stronger and new friendships. So blessed for everyone that came to make Mom's day special. Of course I had to do something with my barcart,  because why not?! Mom's drink is, and has been for yeeaaarrrss, vodka/club fruit. If you know or are friends with Donna Joe, you know this. It only made since to feature the ingredients on the bar cart. And if you know me, from at least reading MN, you know that fresh flowers are a must for parties. Not intentionally, but when I got home and made the fresh flower bouquets, they gave off a very tropical vibe. After the freakish chilly evening Saturday, and don't get me wrong it feels amazing outside, I am ready for summer, the pool, sun, pina coladas, do some flamingling (flamingo + mingle)...

We literally finished the outdoor seating area in the nick of time. I think I picked up the last of the outdoor furniture on Friday. The new seating area came out just as I had envisioned and I'm pretty darn happy with the outcome. It was a completely necessary space for the surprise party as well. Luckily, the morning after the party, we went out there to find zero crawfish splatter stains on the white cushions. And let me tell ya, we were kind of shocked...and slightly impressed. There are a few more touches I would like to add before I post the final reveal. So stay tuned for more details on the outdoor seating area. 
We may have ordered and tad too much crawfish,,,(clears throat, 150 lbs)...that we didn't even put a dent in. Needless to say, we, rather Cristen (mostly) and Mike had a crawfish peeling party on the back porch yesterday. The crawfish were so good and seasoned perfect. This go around we also boiled some shrimp. They were also a hit and soooo delicious. After eating them I've decided instead of doing another crawfish boil, like I have been wanting to do with some of my friends, I think we will have a shrimp boil. We have already had crawfish several times this season (for me more than I have in the last couple years) and shrimp doesn't have a season that ends, so we can pretty much do a shrimp boil whenever. 

I started working on my coffee bar a little bit yesterday. I have been meaning to make it a little more guest friendly and haven't had the motivation. We had a couple over night guest Saturday, and we are also expecting several guest from now until about the first week of May. Sunday morning I realized I didn't leave any to-go coffee cups out or the machine on for our recent company. This ultimately inspired me to get to working on a friendlier coffee bar for future overnight guest. We love, me especially, playing hostess and having our, typically oversea, guest stay with us. It thrills me to be able to be hospitable to our company, because you get to form closer bonds and stronger friendships with them. Anyone is always welcome at our house...I don't have decorated guest bedrooms for nothin'! Here's a little sneak peak on the new & improved coffee bar I'll sharing later on MN.

We still have a busy rest of April but if it flies by like this weekend, i'm quite pumped for everything that's ahead. How was your weekend? Anything exciting happen? Thanks for stopping by MN and come back and visit soon...until next time...

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