Friday, April 7, 2017

Vampiro & Stripes

Happy Friday! I wasn't planning on posting this today but I figured since I just posted about the crawfish boil I would follow with sharing my outfit and the drink ingredients from the Vampiro drink today. 
I mentioned yesterday how much the Vampiro drink was such a hit. One of the couples that joined us last weekend for the boil brought all the ingredients to make this drink. They had just arrived back a few days prior from Monterrey, Mexico (where her family is from). While they were in Mexico visiting, her uncle made them these drinks. They loved it so much they came back home, bought all the fixings, and brought them to the boil to make for everyone. 
Now, i'm specifically not saying recipe because I don't know the actual recipe. I didn't ask, nor did I get to see how they made it. I do know they made a large batch and contained it in a pitcher. What I can give you are the ingredients and let you figure out how to make the Vampiro yourself. And let me tell ya, it's definitely worth making. Which is another reason why I decided to share it with you on a Friday, so you can make it this weekend! Who knows it might be your new favorite drink. It's light, refreshing, and goes down fast!

This dress I've managed to wear twice now for a boil we've done at the house. Last year when our sweet friends were in from London (who are now living in Hong Kong) and staying with us, we had a crawfish boil to celebrate them being in from across the pond. It was also Sarah Wells first time in Texas. Sarah Wells had given me this dress, that used to be hers, all the way from her closet in London. I'm not quite sure were she got it, but I sure am glad it's mine now. It's so comfortable, the length is perfect, and it's the perfect thing to wear when your peeling messy crawfish and their juices and guts are flying all over the place.
Dress Brand: I did some research and could not find the label/brand that's on the dress anywhere, so therefore i'm unsure who makes the dress.

Vampiro Ingredients (that were used and brought):
Don Ramon Tequila Silver
Squirt (grapefruit soda)
Viuda de Sanchez Sangrita (mix)
Tajin Clasico Seasoning for rim of cup (it's like a chili lime salt)

If you try the Vampiro out let me know how you liked it. I might just have to buy everything to make them again myself. What are you up to this weekend? Until next week...
Cheers loves, 

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