Thursday, April 6, 2017

Home & Entertaining: Crawfish Boil Bar Cart

It's almost Friday, it's almost Friday! This has been one crazy, busy week. I actually did forget to post a Closet Diaries yesterday. I woke up and had to immediately get ready to be gone most of the day so I told myself I would just post late, but I ended up doing something yesterday evening as well and until I got home after 9 I had realized I forgot to make a post. 
But here I am today, excited to share some photos from our wonderful crawfish boil. It was the first boil this year we did and it could not have turned out any better. The crawfish were awesome, the company was amazing, and the special drink some of our friends brought was delicious. Mike heated up the pool to about 85 degrees and the fearless kids swam...that's still too cold for me. The kids had a blast playing with the crawfish while they were still alive, and they ate the heck out of them cooked. 
I had every intention on going all out decorating my bar cart for the boil, but in reality I had so my many other important things to get done leading up to the boil, that I didn't have time to put my all into it. So a few weeks ago when I first came up with the crawfish boil bar cart idea, I had done a few mock up bar cart styling. Which helped me out at 3:45 the day of the boil, when it started at 4, to be able to throw it together really fast because I already had an idea of how to decorate it. Plus, I knew we were mostly going to spend our evening outside, and most people weren't going to be using the bar cart. It was, honestly, something fun for me to do just because. Because I am me. And why can't everything be pretty with rainbows and halo's around it? 
Hope you enjoyed, or at least got inspired to decorate your own bar cart for something special and/or silly. Love having the bar cart around the house for that reason. That's also why I wanted a bar cart in the first place for so long, to be able to use it in so many ways. 
We still are supposed to be camping this weekend, however, anything is subject to change. What are you looking forward to this weekend? Until next time...
I'll be sharing this look along with the ingredients to the Vampiro drink our sweet friends brought and made. They were so delicious and were a hit with everyone. 
Here are a few other options/ideas for a crawfish boil bar cart (these photos were from a few weeks ago when I first thought about doing the boil bar cart and wanted to play around):

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