Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Closet Diaries: Green is my Thing

Hey friends. Hope your week has been better than mine. I am in some kind of funky state of mind over here. Monday I was sick, i'm guessing from the weather change and whatever was blowing in, so Tuesday I played catch up around the house and errands (it was a rather productive day I will say), and today I just did not want to get out of bed. It's always tough to wake up early anytime Mike is out of town, because I don't set an alarm so I wake up naturally. It was pretty late for me this morning when I woke up too. It did feel good to get some sleep, but sometimes if I sleep too much I want to keep sleeping and feel groggy. Yesterdays weather did not permit to do any shooting whatsoever. I think it rained just about all day. Since I was sick on Monday I missed this weeks Weekend Wind Down. I intended on putting it together for you for Tuesday but I got to cleaning the house and running around town instead. Don't worry, nothing your missing out on from last weekends uneventful events!
This weeks Closet Diaries was shot on our last trip to Louisiana at Coushatta in Kinder, Louisiana. We went for a golf tournament that Mike's company sponsored. We go just about every year (since we have been together, so 6 years) and we have a blast every time. There is no greater fun than being out on a golf tournament all day with some of your funnest friends and then being stuck with them all night inside of a casino! I absolutely love the crazy memories we make every year with everyone. 
I think I've blogged this dress before, but it's a favorite because the length and it's comfortable. Unfortunately it's one of those pieces from Forever 21 where the quality isn't so great, but what do you expect when you pay $10, maybe less. The first time I wore it, I accidentally snagged a hole in it. It's a very subtle hole, but it's there. I most likely will retire it for now, or keep it for lounging around the house. I love the the color however. I've always thought that this color green goes well with my complexion and eyes. With that being said, I don't where the color green that often. Or at least not as often as black, grey, or white. 
My kimono is also green with a floral pattern and other tones in it. It's the first piece (and only, not for any specific reason) that I've bought from SheIn. It was several years ago I got it and way before I started blogging or thinking about blogging about fashion. I can't remember how much it was but I know it was very cheap. I love finding it in my closet though. I sometimes forget about it and it's a thrill when I see it because it's so darn easy to throw on over a solid, coordinating, color. My wedges are probably the most comfortable heels I own. They are the only pair of shoes I brought to wear that weekend, with the exception of tennis shoes to wear out on the course. I bought them several years ago at Aldo, and they are that pair of shoes that I will never get rid of. At least until they fall apart and aren't fixable. 
If your ever looking to get away for the weekend and play golf or gamble, Seven Clans Hotel at Coushatta is pretty awesome. The hotel is very nice, the casino is quite large, and everything is there where you don't have to leave. The really cool thing too is, it's pretty secluded so it's not super packed. Their golf course is so nice and everyone I know who have played thoroughly enjoys the course, which is maintained very well.

We have a very busy weekend ahead of us, starting with a child hood friends wedding on Friday. It's also Easter which is one of my favorite holidays, next to Christmas. Our plans are to, pretty much, round trip it to Louisiana. It will be so exhausting but nice to spend it with Mikes family. Do you have any fun Easter plans? So, so sad to be missing the Easter service at our church. Easter services are always so enlightening and I love that feeling when you just know God is good. Did you get a Easter dress this year for your Sundays best? Until next time loves....

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