Monday, March 20, 2017

Weekend Wind Down

It's the first day of Spring y'all and I love it. Spring is one of my favorite seasons. We don't get much nice (and by nice, I mean close to perfect) weather here in Texas, but when we do it's most likely going to be in Spring. Also, my second favorite holiday is in/near Spring. Jesus' birthday is my favorite holiday of all, and right after that Easter is. Obviously the two holidays are related, which is why they are my two favorites. Not to mention they are actually legitimate holidays vs., let's say, Valentine's Day. Christmas and Easter are actually worth recognizing and celebrating, most importantly. And we get to all celebrate here pretty soon. 
This weekend's weather was the perfect of example of nice Spring weather. We could not have asked for better weather for our spontaneous getaway to Crystal Beach. It was sunny, windy with a cool breeze. The phrase 'sun kissed' could not describe how all of us got any better. It was very relaxing, in spite of everyone that were also there enjoying the last bit of Spring Break. We really didn't do much of anything, but ride up and down the beach in the Odes UTV and people watch. We picked a spot where the beach was pretty empty and quiet to stop and sun bathe, and just do a whole lot of nothing. I didn't even bust out my camera and snap any photos, which I totally intended on doing.  
So today's Weekend Wind Down will be short and sweet with a sneak peek of a couple looks that are on MN's schedule. How was you weekend? Are you excited for Spring too? 
It's nothing fancy but we were so excited to find this cute little RV spot with full hookups and just 300 yards away from the beach. It had a screened in porch and rooftop deck. On the left side they had male/female mermaids on the fence and the faces had holes cut out to put your face in for photos. Such a neat place for a family with little ones! We love having a "home on wheels" for places like this.

View from Rooftop deck. 
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SNEAK PEAK: Two looks to look for on MN


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