Monday, March 13, 2017

Weekend Wind Down

Hey y'all! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Anything fun and exciting worth mentioning? I had quite the busy weekend myself. Most of all, it was rather productive. I'm coming in to the new week feeling pretty good about that. I still have loads I want to get done, but nothing that needs, or has to get done.
 I want to start dedicating Monday's to giving you a little peak at what went on in my life over the weekend. I've noticed on the weekends I tend to be a little absent on social media (which is terrible I know because, i'm sure, the weekend is when I should be present on it the most), but I like spending quality time with my family, without feeling pressure to post. Plus, i'm still terrible at technology, including social media, so I also need a break. I still do post on the weekends, just not consistently. Like this weekend!  I'm challenging myself to snap a couple photos wherever I go, and whatever we do throughout our weekends. That will be the hard part to adjust to (until I get a good phone with a good camera), lugging my camera/equipment around. But I can do it, for you. So, here's a wind down of my weekend for ya...
Up until last night, we were going to take a last minute trip to Louisiana. I made my final decision to stick around town because I do have things to do, and I would be much more productive here than in Houma, Louisiana. 
And with that being said, part of my goal to be productive this week is to share a little corner of my office that's coming along more quickly than I thought. Thanks to my love, Mike, who got me all set up and hung everything for me that needed to be on the wall. Which was half the project! 

He also is so amazing and randomly, or unintentionally shall I say, traded in my car for a new car. We finally own a Jeep! Mike has always wanted a Jeep, specifically a Rubicon, and we always love watching and admiring them at these ATV parks we frequent. Although we didn't get a Rubicon (this little mama wanted something a little more luxurious), we absolutely are already in love with the Grand Cherokee Trailhawk. I didn't immediately fall for it and Mike had to sell it to me because I was  mind set on another Grand Cherokee package. Now though, I know we made the right decision. Especially for our off-road lifestyle. The Trialhawk, supposedly, has some amazing off-roading capabilities. But it'll be a while before we test that out...I hope, you never know with Mike.
My childhood girlfriend (literally, she was the first person I met when we moved to The Woodlands when I was 6, and we have been friends ever since) had her bridal shower on Saturday. It was well thought out on the theme and decor. I was so impressed and loved every amazing detail. Her theme was Harry Potter and I couldn't love it anymore. At least, it's good to know i'm not the only adult Harry Potter fanatic. And can we please all just acknowledge how gorgeous the brides sleeves on her dress love! Chel looked absolutely stunning.

It rained a lot of the weekend, however last week that landscapers came in and put a touch of Spring to the yard. Yesterday, during the last bit of sunlight we had and it wasn't raining, we planted some plants in gigantic faux wine barrel planters. I've looked all over for the gallon size, and can't seem to find it. But they are massive, and a great deal at Costco right now for a whooping $17.99 a piece. We ended up with 3. Two we've placed on each side of the pool and the other one in the front flower bed under the house number (it also hides the gutter that comes down the front of the house). I did see a couple stacks of these planters left at my Costco in The Woodlands, as of yesterday.

I'm excited to show you my new office that will be on MN Thursday. Unless I can get everything done before then, it won't be the full office reveal though. I have on the schedule to show you just a little piece. Which is what i'm heading to work on now. What do you have planned this week? Don't forget to visit again on Wednesday for the latest Closet Diaries. Until next time...
Cheers loves,

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