Friday, March 17, 2017

The Day In The Life Of A Stay-At-Home Stepmom: Stainless Steel Appliances....So Over-rated

I just realized this week that I missed a Day in the Life of a Stay-at-Home Stepmom post in the month of February. I like this series because it's basically me venting and ranting about real life topics and/or situations currently going on in my mind and life. Silly or not, sometimes it feels good to get raw and type out the little things that may be pestering me. Hopefully you will be able to relate to, any of, the topics I cover throughout this series. I also don't intend to focus so much on creating/gathering visual content for this series, so this might be a segment for just my readers out there. And today i'm bitchin' about constantly having to wipe down those fingerprint lovin' stainless steel appliances...
I shot this silly photo a few months back, and i'm only sharing it because my face pretty much sums it up. Now, just imagine what i'm saying in my head...

 Raise your hand if you are the ONLY one in your household who cleans the stainless steel appliance door handles 5 million times a day because your the ONLY one who seems to notice that there's dirty fingerprints all over? To think it would never get done if you didn't do it. Or how long it would take before someone gave in and cleaned it. And there is no point in "fussing" to anyone in the household about it, because it wouldn't change a thing. Being the germaphobe I am, this is  one example of when my OCD is evident. Which is why I have a problem with SS appliances, because I know i'll forever be wiping my door handles five times a day...knowing me, maybe more. I have never missed my white appliances more than I do now. At least on white it's so obvious and your practically forced to clean dirty fingerprints, and food debris. As good as the old white stove and oven cooked at our previous house, I didn't think I liked it because it was white, which I thought meant outdated. I was so, so wrong. I would pick white again in a heartbeat and make it aesthetically work. 
Oh lawd, and the glass cooktop, and on a gas range? What a load of junk, Whoever invented that idea for a cooking surface should be fired. Either they have never cooked, or they never have to clean, or both because it only takes cooking on it once to realize it's crap. Now, I love my gas range, that sucker sounds like your boiling crawfish when it's on high, and can boil water in no time, but the glass surface I absolutely hate. That was an honest mistake on our part for not looking into it more. With that being said, it was the only GE gas cooktop that matched the rest of the SS appliances. Basically the only other choice was to go with another brand appliance, but Mike was mind set on all of our appliances being the same brand and matching. I get it, right, looks better. Glass surfaces are just as worse as cleaning SS. It's impossible to keep clean. Until I physically try it myself, there are no products that can clean a glass cooktop. 
I heard the other day they now make fingerprint-less (you know what I mean) stainless steel...To be quite honest, i'm not buying that it's fingerprint free. Give me a refrigerator and microwave that are supposed to resist fingerprint smudges, and I guarantee this family can prove them wrong. The funny thing is, is I don't even have small kids, which is what I told myself why it wouldn't be problem when we did switch to SS. Who's laughing now? Not me.  If I had the option, or choice, today to go out and do it all again, I don't think I would even go with stainless steel. Even the "Fingerprint Free" SS. That is how passionately I dislike it. 
Ok, now that I got that off my mind. I just want to take a moment to acknowledge how ridiculous it is that i'm yapping about kitchen appliances. I truly feel blessed to have updated appliances, I mean I did want them for so long. So don't get me wrong. These are just my daily life problems that I still have to deal with,  and figure out by yapping about it. I've heard to do this and that, or use this, but so far I still have finger prints. I tried the wipes, vinegar solutions, sprays, etc. You name it. I'm convinced nothing will work and i'll just have to deal with it. So if you know of any tips or tricks, drop a comment! That would be much appreciated. I'm ready to experiment. I was wondering what a polishing cloth for silver would do? 
Any plans for the weekend? It's finally Friday and we last minute decided to head to the beach to camp and ride our side by side. Monday I should have a weekend wind down for you. Until then, have a fab weekend loves...
Cheers to the weekend,

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