Friday, March 10, 2017

Go Find it Friday: $7 Dainty Floral Top

Sale item of the week award goes to this cute floral tank. Just kidding, sorry, it was actually on sale a couple weeks ago. I'm actually not really sure if it's still currently on sale. I didn't even know it was on sale myself, when I went to purchase it at Forever 21. It rang up a whopping $7! And that is not what the tag said. If Forever 21 even does this, I think they were having a store wide sale, but don't quote me on that. Regardless, it was a good deal because it's a cute, classy, casual style tank, that's trendy. It's lightweight and airy, perfect for Spring and Summer here in Texas. Did I mention it was $7? Need I say more... Go Find it Friday will normally be about something on sale, or clearance, that I found that week, or of current. I consider myself a pretty cheap and thrifty person, so I love a good deal when I see one. Sometimes, like today, there will be times I can't find the exact and/or similar (as far as price, and style/color) online to link for you. so you literally will have to 'go find it' at your closest Forever 21. 

When I saw it I knew I wanted to wear it for the new cover photo for my social media channels, that I desperately needed to update for the bright and cheery seasons coming up. I thought the green background was a good idea at first, and then we tried it, and I was kind of skeptical about it. We tried it again, and I made it work in my mind. Which is how it became my new cover photo. I now actually kind of love the green, and the photo. I always tell myself I need more color in my life too... yet 90% of the time end up in black, grey, or white. 

Top: Forever 21  | Jeans:  Vans (same or similar) |  Shoes: Vans
What are your weekend plans? I keep forgetting it's spring break. Any travel plans while the kids are out of school? My plans today are to chalk paint a piece of furniture, that I need to get to doing. I'm ready to get my new "office" set up properly, and this piece of furniture is going in my "office".  It will also double as a second guest bedroom, hints the office in quotation marks.
If you are traveling for spring break, be safe and have a blast. Come back and visit MN next week to see what went on during my weekend. Until next time...

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