Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Closet Diaries: Beach Bum

Since we were at the beach last weekend I was inspired to style a couple beachy looks from my closet. During the summer time, and now that we have a pool, I live for outfits like this. Anything that's easy to throw over a bathing suit. I found many times last year, if I was laying out by the pool or swimming, and had to run a quick errand, I would throw on a long skirt and jet because I knew when I got back home I was most likely going to hang out by the pool again. 
I bought this skirt about 4 years ago or so, not thinking it would be perfect for pairing with a swimsuit but for a trip to Seattle we took. Since then I've worn it maybe a handful of times. I love the colors because it's just loud enough but still neutral. 
I'm currently loving the 2 piece boho, beachy looks right now for the upcoming Summer season. I have  a slight obsession right now with a brand called Show Me Your Mumu. But of course i'm too cheap to purchase anything at the moment. I'm more of a 'wait until something goes on sale or clearance' kind of gal. I have a lot of patience when it comes to that. 
For now, what I have in my closet will work. Long flowy skirts with crop tops or a cute one piece bathing suit (perhaps a bodysuit) are my outfit goals for Summer this year. I want to live in that look, and also find a couple 2 piece outfits I can put on rotation in my wardrobe. And when I finally take that beach vacation, i'll take long walks on the beach in these outfits to watch the sun go down. Can ya tell someone is day dreaming over here? 
I can't believe it's already Wednesday. My where has the week gone. Any plans your looking forward to this weekend? I had such a busy day yesterday, and today is filling up as well. We are headed to an oilfield golf tournament/casino this weekend in Louisiana, so there are some must do's before we head out of state. I am  also working on tomorrow's post that i'm excited about because it has to do with my home and decorating. So come back and visit MN tomorrow for a little home inspiration on how to transition your home for Spring. Until then...
Cheers loves, 

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