Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Closet Diaries: 70's Vibes

Hey guys! I've been MIA on MN, and somewhat quiet on all social media channels for the last couple weeks. I desperately needed to disconnect and reorganize my thoughts. Blogging is a constant hustle and along with that you have to be on your toes at all times. Taking a break was much needed. I feel like taking the time to not engage helped with my creativity flow. I find a lot of inspiration through social media, however as soon as I feel like my ideas, thoughts,  and creativity is meshing and blending in with everyone else, it's important for me to take a step back and get some organic inspiration. I was productive, I think, during my time off. I did some restructuring of how MN blog will be. I'm hoping this new way of blogging for me will help me be more consistent with posting, creating content, and will help me stay organized. 
I also desperately needed to convince myself and come up with a good reason why I should be doing outfit/fashion post. I still am an unpaid blogger so posting about outfits just seemed silly. I was getting to where I couldn't post about another outfit and feel good about myself. Mainly because MN isn't just about my outfits and fashion. I'm currently in a trial period to see if this new "structure" will work. One way to get an idea of the new MN, expect it to be organized like your favorite magazine would be. You see the same categories in a magazine, monthly/weekly, but over different topics, right? I've come up with categories for 4 days of the week on MN.  The same day of every week will contain different content but the in the same category. You with me so far? Example: Mondays will be weekend recaps, Thursdays will be topics of anything home;  home decor, diy, etc.  And if you want to see what I styled from my closet, then you will want to read the blog on Wednesdays. And since it's Wednesday today, today's post will be the first Closet Diaries category post. Which you will see most Wednesdays, with the exception of a (outfit) series, that I hope to do at least 1 X a month. 
The concept of Closet Diaries is to  share content (in this case the content is clothes) that I already have in my closet. I'll style an outfit that I've never worn together and have had in my closet for however long. The point is, that I'm not going out and buying an outfit simply to create content for MN. 
My inspiration for Closet Diaries came from when I was brainstorming how to be more consistent with posting. I asked myself  'What do I already have or do in my daily life that I can make content out of without having to stress over creating content?'. This lead to my closet and wanting to challenge myself to style old and classic pieces I already have. It's also a challenge to not go buy clothes, which I wouldn't say I was doing too much of anyways.
Today's outfit was perfect for the kick off of Closet Diaries. I've had these flare leg jeans from American Eagle for 10 years. I couldn't fit in them for a while, but kept them because I loved them so much and I was determined to wear them one day again. See what happens when you set your mind to something! My classic chambray button down shirt was on clearance at Old Navy for $11, and was  also a gift from my sweet Mom. I got lots of positive feed back on Instagram and Facebook about this look, so i'm hoping that's a sign that the Closet Diaries is a good idea for MN.
 Let me know your thoughts now, and as the new structure continues to unfold on the blog. How is your week going so far?

Cheers loves, 


  1. I completely understand the pressure of coming up with content and as a result doing it on the fly without a plan. That can be anxiety inducing in someone like me (and I'm guessing you too) who is a planner. I love the idea of a different category for each day of the week. I was giving myself a year of blogging to figure things out and try to have a thought out approach. Good luck and I will be following along!

  2. Thank you so much, so glad you understand! Good luck on your blogging adventure!