Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Closet Diaries: 1 Year Blogiversary Dress

This little Spring-y dress is the same dress I wore about this time a year ago, when I first gave blogging a go, full time! My how things have changed since then. The growth that has taken place from then to now. And the growth that I still have to do, to get where i'm going...where ever that may be, only God knows.
It's literally been in my  closet since my first "photo shoot" a year ago in March. It was one of those finds that I was excited about. I found it in the dark abyss, which is the clearance section of Forever 21 in The Woodlands, for $11. It couldn't fit more perfect, i'm in love with the style, and the length is right on point. I still feel, however, that i'm slightly too pale to wear it right now. I may wear it in public for the latter part of Spring, and some of Summer. After I get a nice natural tan. 
Seeing as Texas is still having some chilly pre-Spring weather, I thought it was totally acceptable to pair this dress with my grey velvet boots. The look works for me, and as much as I wanted to put on my black strappy sandals, it was a tad chilly/windy.

As chilly as it was, the sun was out. As long as the sun is out, right? It gets nice a warm, and then to have a chilly breeze, makes for good weather. If we just didn't have the yucky yellow pollen. I did manage to squeeze in a couple hours to sun yesterday. Never too early to work on that tan, am I right? 
Looking out the window right now, it's looking like today will be just as gorgeous. And I believe it's supposed to be warmer as well. So, I may be laying out again today. That is, of course, after I get everything together for tomorrow's post, and some honey do's knocked off my list. I'm sharing a tiny piece of my new office, tomorrow, on MN. Until then...

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