Thursday, March 30, 2017

Budget Blooms: $15 or Under

I love the Spring time, and one big reason why is all the beautiful flowers that bloom. I've been patiently waiting the arrival of peonies at Trader Joes. My Budget Blooms budget however, not so much. They are usually pricey, but well worth it. Hydrangeas and Peonies are by far my favorite flowers, specifically in white. 
The ranunculus stems I picked up for this weeks blooms around the house reminded me of peonies, in fact. And I have to say that they are a rather close "looking" supplement. I do want to mention how excited I was to HEB central market had some really good prices on a few of their stems. I may very well be mixing flowers from TJ and HEB on the next Budget Blooms

I always like to separate my flowers into individual piles according to type.. Even though I, usually,  buy bouquets already put together, and because I also make my own bouquets, many times I want to use a flower(s) from the already made 'petite bouquets'. 

I made two small bouquets, and my total was also small this week. I spent a grand total of $10.80, after tax. When I bought these we were heading out of town for a few days, so I didn't want to go crazy buying flowers that may not look so well when we got back home (and they didn't go bad). With that being said, I have really good luck with flowers from TJ. Both bouquets as of today are still looking well enough to leave around the house. I've moved both bouquets probably a million times. They went from the living room, to the master, back to the living room, and now one is still in the living room and the other is on my desk in my office for me to enjoy while I blog away. 
Total for 1 ranunculus/10 stems (est. $5.99), 1 petite bouquet (est. $3.99) was $10.80 after tax.

I have plans to wake up Saturday morning and check out if the peonies have arrived at TJ's yet. Plus, we are having a crawfish boil later that afternoon and I would like to have really fresh flowers! The end of the week is becoming more and more busy. I have lots to do before the boil on Saturday, and I have so many errands to get done before something I going on tomorrow! Don't you think the ranunculus (white flowers) look similar to peonies? May your day be as beautiful as these flowers...

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