Thursday, February 9, 2017

Sweet & Salty Snack

 I don't always snack, but when I do i'm most likely snacking on something from Trader Joe's.  Today specifically, I am sharing a sweet & salty snack that I love to nibble on. It's a completely random snack, but it's the perfect combination of sweet and salty in my opinion. 
Let me first start by telling you my theory on TJ products. The main reason I take a hike (because it's not far away, but it's not close either) to Trader Joe's, pretty much weekly, is because the quality of their products and produce, including the ingredients in their products, are way better for you than the majority of your options at a "regular" grocery store and/or Wal-Mart. And Mike loves coming home from work and snacking on chips and dip before dinner. He does it, almost, every day. By the way, they also have amazing dips which, again, are better for you than anything you would get at other grocery stores/Wal-Mart (no offense grocery stores and Wal-Mart, I love me some H-E-B and the Walmarts). 
The second reason I love Trader Joe's, is because they have the best and cheapest flowers on a regular. You know your a blogger when: You always have flowers... Honestly, the flower reason is a good enough reason alone, to go to TJ. 
I don't want to say never, but I don't ever recall being disappointed with anything I've bought from there. I love to try news things every time I go, and I learned that if you know something will be good, buy two. Especially if it's a seasonal item. It may not be back the next week...until the following season, if at all. Yeah, learned that the hard way. Luckily, if i'm not mistaken, both of the things needed for my sweet & salty snack mix, are stocked on the shelves year around. 
If you like potato chips and chocolate, today's post should be enticing. I'm a plain potato chip girl myself, and TJ has some good potato chips. The kettle cooked in olive oil potato chips are so good, let me tell you, it will be a while before I buy Lay's again after trying their variety of potato chips. To satisfy my sporadic chocolate cravings, I discovered their chocolatey cats cookies (the vanilla wafers are also so good, and worth trying). Combine the chocolate cats & olive oil potato chips and you've got yourself a sweet & salty snack ladies and gentlemen! 
It's such a random, silly and delicious snack all-in-one. If you try it, your welcome! But it's also super easy to make. Although it may not be the healthiest snack for you, a handful won't hurt you. It's all about moderation, right? Indulge a little, and satisfy your sweet & salty craving. 

Until next time...

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