Thursday, February 9, 2017

Sweet & Salty Snack

 I don't always snack, but when I do i'm most likely snacking on something from Trader Joe's.  Today specifically, I am sharing a sweet & salty snack that I love to nibble on. It's a completely random snack, but it's the perfect combination of sweet and salty in my opinion. 
Let me first start by telling you my theory on TJ products. The main reason I take a hike (because it's not far away, but it's not close either) to Trader Joe's, pretty much weekly, is because the quality of their products and produce, including the ingredients in their products, are way better for you than the majority of your options at a "regular" grocery store and/or Wal-Mart. And Mike loves coming home from work and snacking on chips and dip before dinner. He does it, almost, every day. By the way, they also have amazing dips which, again, are better for you than anything you would get at other grocery stores/Wal-Mart (no offense grocery stores and Wal-Mart, I love me some H-E-B and the Walmarts). 
The second reason I love Trader Joe's, is because they have the best and cheapest flowers on a regular. You know your a blogger when: You always have flowers... Honestly, the flower reason is a good enough reason alone, to go to TJ. 
I don't want to say never, but I don't ever recall being disappointed with anything I've bought from there. I love to try news things every time I go, and I learned that if you know something will be good, buy two. Especially if it's a seasonal item. It may not be back the next week...until the following season, if at all. Yeah, learned that the hard way. Luckily, if i'm not mistaken, both of the things needed for my sweet & salty snack mix, are stocked on the shelves year around. 
If you like potato chips and chocolate, today's post should be enticing. I'm a plain potato chip girl myself, and TJ has some good potato chips. The kettle cooked in olive oil potato chips are so good, let me tell you, it will be a while before I buy Lay's again after trying their variety of potato chips. To satisfy my sporadic chocolate cravings, I discovered their chocolatey cats cookies (the vanilla wafers are also so good, and worth trying). Combine the chocolate cats & olive oil potato chips and you've got yourself a sweet & salty snack ladies and gentlemen! 
It's such a random, silly and delicious snack all-in-one. If you try it, your welcome! But it's also super easy to make. Although it may not be the healthiest snack for you, a handful won't hurt you. It's all about moderation, right? Indulge a little, and satisfy your sweet & salty craving. 

Until next time...

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

DIY: Tassel Hoop Earrings

Today on MN we are going to make super easy, and cute, DIY tassel earrings. I had fun putting a couple looks together, the possibilities are endless with these inter-changeable tassels. If you have hoop earrings then your almost there and can certainly achieve these looks. First, I wanted to tell y'all what inspired me to make these...
Surely I have some readers who are Bravo (t.v. network) fans. I don't know about you, but I love the Bravo network. Fun fact about me, i'm a Real Housewife franchise fanatic. Guilty pleasure. There's a scripted series on Bravo called 'Girlfriends Guide'. Last season it was GG to Divorce, now it's shifted more to GG to Freedom. I remember last season falling in love with one of the characters, Phoebe, earrings. I relate to that characters style in a major way. I made a mental note to look for some similar earrings, and never did. So when this season came on not to long ago, a light bulb went off, and I thought to myself, "why couldn't I just add tassels to the, already existing, hoop earrings I have.
I went to Hobby Lobby and, sure enough, in the jewelry section were several tassel options. I chose these particular tassels because the colors gave off a Spanish vibe, and I can use them for another project i'm working on. I also chose to use my Stella & Dot gold hoop earrings because they are the perfect size. However, I think there are other sizes that would work great. I don't know if I would put them on my big hoops, but I haven't tried. I'm just assuming it might look like too much. The tassels came with a  o-ring/ round attachment, that I literally slide on either end of my hoops. These Stella & Dot earrings really work well because the tiny round studs sticking out helped the tassels stay in place. 
Here's what you will need:

The brand that makes the tassels, that I bought from Hobby Lobby, and come 6 colors per pack is Poetic Spirit by Bead Treasures.  These earrings make me want go on a tropical vacation or get some time in by the pool. Although i'm enjoying the cool weather (and even though it's hot outside currently), I am so ready for the sun, water and a nice tan! 

I put a couple looks together with the earrings, and using different color tassels. If had the time I would take a couple more days and shoot some more looks. Trust me, i'm sure you will be seeing all the possibilities throughout Spring & Summer. 

How easy are these to make, right? I also bought some other types of tassels when I went to Hobby Lobby. I've been trying to come up with ways to use those in a creative way. They are slightly longer and the gold hardware on them is a different shade of gold. I have a couple ideas that i'll be sure to share though! 
All my Bravo fans, chances are you have seen 'Girlfriends Guide'. What character do you relate to the most from a fashion perspective? Abby, Phoebe, Delia, or Jo? I'll forever be a sucker for the boho style and I think Phoebe nails it when it comes to that specific look, but I do have to say Delia's wardrobe is AMAZING. If I could go shopping with anyone of them, it definitely would be her. 


Hope everyone had a fab weekend. What were the highlights? Um, can we just talk about how awesome the Super Bowl was? I am so excited that my high school pal, Danny Amendola, won in, pretty much, his hometown. That was such an intense and, most definitely, exciting game. Who were you cheering for, the Pats or Falcons?

 Enjoy your new tassel earrings guys. I just know they will look too cute with just about anything you wear, because you adjust the colors to your outfit! Until next time...