Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Day in the Life of a Stay at home StepMom: Be My Guest

I have been thinking about how to improve my blog and the topics to write/blog about,  a lot  already this year. A series came to mind that I instantly fell for, where I can talk about my everyday life, get real, and share ideas and/or things i'm into or curious about. So today I am introducing the new series for Modishly Naturopathic blog - The Day in the Life of a Stay at Home StepMom. I was on my way to Wal-mart, for the second time in less than 24 hours, and was thinking about  more mature, life topics I could discuss this year, and the specific activity of how I actually enjoy doing and ironing linens for my guest bedrooms came to mind. Then I thought to myself, is that weird? And, How many people still iron, let alone enjoy doing so?
I can't be the only one who finds it therapeutic to iron linens. No offense everyone, but I don't do it for everyone who stays in our guest bedrooms. I don't, unfortunately, always have time to iron them. With that being said, I do take absolute pleasure in making my guest feel as comfortable and at home in their own home as they could possibly be. Not to mention, I want them to feel like they are staying at a luxurious, 5 star hotel. Because they do always have the choice to get a hotel room.
Today on the blog it's all about how I make my overnight guest feel welcome. Whether they stay for the night or the whole week, I try to think outside the box as to how I can make sure they will want to come back. 

For all the guest that stay in this particular bedroom, I always spray down the linens with lavender linen spray that I make myself. As an extra touch, I leave the spray in the room on the tray with the towels and other amenities. Depending on who is staying, I like to leave little goods specific for that guest to use while they are here or take with them. Homemade soaps are always a neat little souvenir for them to bring back home with them. A classic is, leaving little chocolates or a small bag of nuts. A mini water bottle is always a good idea as well. Think of things that you forget to bring and your staying at a hotel. What would you most likely forget and need when you get to your room to freshen up or for bedtime? Travel size shampoos/conditioners, or shower gels and bath oils. I've never taken a bath when I stay at hotels (only because I'm a germaphobe) but what I do like to do is take all the travel size goods they leave out. So, regardless if you think your guest will take a bath and use a bath oil, leave it for them anyways. It's the thought that counts. 
I have a decorative clipboard on the nightstand that has our WIFI password and network name. That is so helpful for guest, especially if it's a long password with multiple letters and numbers. I don't always leave out fresh flowers, but it's a very nice touch that some guest will definitely appreciate. Anything that will make the room feel comfortable and cozy and my guest sleeping good and feeling happy. My goal is to make them want to come back and stay!

This year I am determined to get the second  guest bedroom decorated. I think I've decided to also make it my office/work space, seeing as in that room the closet contains all my crafting supplies/goods. I look forward to getting inspired to do some fun things in there. I have a couple ideas, but for now i'm starting with a blank canvas. It's mid week, which means, depending on how you look at it, the week is almost  over. How has your week been so far?

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