Monday, January 23, 2017

Spill the Bag

Truth: I don't carry a bag/purse/clutch 90% of the time. Fact: I'm most likely to carry a small tote bag, clutch, or wristlet before I carry a big ol' gigantic purse. I love a good bag, and I once was one those people who carried over-sized purses. However, there's nothing that hacks me off quicker than not being able to find what I need in my bag. I don't know how many times not being able to find something in my purse turned into me dumping all it's contents on the ground. That's right about when I would get pissed. So, seeing as that's not really worth getting upset over, I stopped carrying large purses. In the past, I also was known to leave purses. Not necessarily leave them, but forget them and have to run back and retrieve them. When you get in the habit of not carrying a purse at all and then one night you carry one, you most likely will forget it. 

With all that being said, I'm spilling my bag today on MN. These are the things that almost permanently remain in my purse. Most of these things would also be the items that traveled with me on my carry on bag/personal bag. Not being used to carrying a bag, one would think when I do carry one it would be loaded down. You will be surprised to know that I keep it pretty light and simple. I've learned to not be in need of much, when away from home. Nothing wrong with practicing a little minimalism, right? Here's whats in my bag...

I've spoiled my eyes and wear only polarized sunglasses. My ray-ban aviators are the only polarized sunglasses I have at the moment. I love aviator style sunglasses for my particular face shape, so one or the other is always with me. I always bring both when we travel because, well, I need options! 

I am not a big fan of your typical hand sanitizer. I feel like my hands are dirtier than before I used the gel hand sani. Neal's Yard Remedies makes a spray that is essential oil based. And it smells amazing. I keep this in my purse to spray on both hands after I get gas or touch money. I don't ever wear lip glosses. I prefer a matte lipstick if I do wear anything. I hated in the past when I would wear lip gloss and my hair would get stuck on my lips, so I gave it up a loooonngg time ago. 9 out 10 times I wear Aquaphor only. They come in a package of two tubes, one stays on my nightstand and the other is either in my car or purse. 

Business cards are a must. And I happen to be terrible at keeping some with me, but I always try too. Travel size perfumes are the best to keep in a purse. You never know when you want to feel beautiful and smell good. I have a lot of hair, so when I wear it down I always make sure I have an extra hair clip or hair tie.

Backpack Purse | TJ Maxx 

Ok, it's your turn to spill the bag. What are some things that stay in your purse? 


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