Monday, January 16, 2017


I had this really grand idea last night that I would wake up with Mike and get ready with him to go blog from some neat place around town this morning. Well the rain, and all the tornado warnings, had other plans. Such a bummer. I had so much Monday motivation until I turned on the tv and the news was on. The local meteorologists have shut down all motivation I had this morning and last night. The funny thing is, it's not even raining anymore...however, they say, there's more coming and new "tornado warnings" have popped up. 
Those meteorologists didn't scratch my itch to blog though, I don't have any current content but I thought since I have been flipping through photos of our London trip last year, I would share a some with you. If you follow me on instagram, then you have already seen a few photos. If posting old travel photos isn't proof enough that i'm dying to go somewhere, then I don't know what is! 
I had my mind on Sunday roast in London all day yesterday. We learned while we were there (on a Sunday, obviously) that Sunday roast are the equivalent to a Saturday/Sunday brunch here in the states. Anytime Mike and I think about making a roast now, we always like to do it on a Sunday, to take us back to the amazing time we had at a Sunday brunch in London with our sweet friends. Sunday roast are a pretty big deal in London, so you can probably go just about anywhere on a Sunday and enjoy a roast. We went to The Grazing Goat, and enjoyed the savor of every last bite.


I had a flat white at least once a day, a lot of times twice a day, the entire trip. Mostly from a place I found right around the corner from where our friends house is, where we stayed. It was called Tierra Verde. Even the last day before the uber driver picked us up to go to the airport, I went to my favorite place to get one last proper flat white. I also tried this french bakery, Aux Merveilleux de Fred, and had the most incredible croissant in my entire life. Nothing can beat it now. I can't believe I had waited until the last day to try it, when I could have been indulging every day! Just as I would go back to Trinidad in a heartbeat just for the roti, I would go back to London in a heartbeat for a flat white and croissants. I would actually go back for much more than that.
We were adventurous and took two day trips while Mike had time off. One day went to Cambridge and another day we went to the coast and visited Dover. The castle was unfortunately closed. I'm fascinated with castles and was super excited but it was our fault because we should have looked into before we set off a planned to go to a castle. It was still beautiful and such a memorable trip with my love. This would be another reason I would love to return to the U.K. Cambridge was the most surreal university town. Mike and I were thrilled we went and got to attend the choral evensong service at the Kings College Chapel.
It's so crazy to look back to when I first started this blogging journey. It was during my time in the UK when I decided to start blogging full time. And I think I made a post everyday. How much I've learned and grown since then is insane to think about. I must apologize for the quality of the photos. They were taken pre-canon camera days. However, I love them just the same as a good quality photo, because they take me back to some good times. So blessed and thankful to experience so many adventures with Mike. And looking forward to the many adventures ahead.  The weather is still crummy, so I hope your day is filled with more rays than mine. Until next time...

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