Tuesday, January 31, 2017

His & Her VD Cocktail Recipes

Valentine's Day is one of several silly little "holidays", in my opinion. However, because it's on a shelf near you the day after Christmas, it's hard to ignore. I don't need any flowers, I buy them all the time already, to know that Mike loves me. I don't need diamonds from Mike - that's just a completely unnecessary item for such a delusional "holiday", plus I would wonder if he did something wrong to get me such an extravagant gift of a diamond. Even though I've told Mike several times how I feel about the day and that he doesn't need to get me anything, and even from another country, he still does. The last thing I expect though, is something from him.  He shows me how he loves me everyday by providing for us. By giving us everything and doing so much. Everyday is the day of love with him.
As much as I dismiss the VD "holiday", today on MN i'm getting in the Valentines Day spirit for you, and you only. I've used VD as an opportunity to be creative, and create some content to share with you all. And what better content than a his & her fun, festive VD cocktail recipe (even though it's not really considered a cocktail unless there's bitters in it. Correct me if i'm wrong). I have tried them both, obviously I wouldn't want to have you try something terrible. Both drinks are very good, and effective. These VD themed drinks are perfect for your next Galentine's Day event too, because i've even named them for you. 
Anytime i'm trying to come up with a drink for the guys, I always think of a martini, because of James Bond. A martini is just a manly drink, right? It's basically straight up vodka or gin...that's manly. Don't get me wrong, once in a blue moon, I love me a good martini too. If we are going out for martinis, there's only a couple places around The Woodlands i'll drink a martini at. It's kind of like if you only drink margaritas at certain places. 

For the his VD cocktail i'm calling it a Kissed by an Angel, because every man with a valentine will mostly likely be kissed by their angel that night. It pretty much taste just like a chocolate covered strawberry. A really sweet man will call an Uber, or be fancy and get a limo, if they want more than one of these martinis. 
Kissed by an Angel

2 1/2 oz Strawberry Vodka
1/2 oz Creme de Cocoa
garnish with maraschino cherries

Ladies, the Hugs & Kisses is sweet and the perfect amount of tart. It's quite refreshing and delicious, and will go down very easy. I topped these fun cocktails off with a garnish of a chocolate covered strawberry. Don't look too close because I did a terrible job on my CC strawberries. If i'm going to be honest, I hurried up and melted a couple pieces of 100% cocoa. I needed them for the aesthetics only. And then they sat in the fridge for a day or two, the chocolate got nice and hard, so that when I did go to snap photos large pieces crumbled off. Oh, blogger problems. Needless to say, this particular garnish for the Hugs & Kisses is perfect because your basically getting a taste of what his cocktail taste like. Not to mention, it's just a fun and darling garnish in general.
Hugs & Kisses

3 oz *H-E-B Central Market Organic Italian Soda Pomegranate 
3 oz Strawberry vodka
garnish with chocolate covered strawberry. *substitute for pomegranate juice plus club soda/carbonated water.

I don't have a recipe for the chocolate covered strawberries and i'm sure there are an abundance of recipes to be found out there. However, I did want to give a little tip that helped when you go to add the CC strawberry garnish. Before you dip the strawberries in the chocolate, with a knife, slice the strawberry down the middle until midway.  Dip strawberry in chocolate. TIP: After dipping strawberry in chocolate, place toothpick in the slice so the chocolate doesn't cover the slice up. Lay on wax paper.

Drink responsibly and call a cab. Happy VD love birds, hope you enjoy these festive drink recipes on the day of love. Cheers to being with someone where everyday feels like Valentines Day. Let me know if you try one, or both, and which recipe was your favorite...
Much Love,

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