Friday, January 13, 2017

That Friday Aura

There's always a good aura on Friday mornings. Be it that that aura only last a few minutes or sometimes the whole day, it's the thrill of the weekend ahead. After Mike left this morning I plopped down on the couch to drink some coffee and got to thinking about my house. Wondering when it will actually be complete. What do I want to do or still want to do around here? And, overall, pleased with what direction i'm taking with what decorating I have done thus far. 
Thinking about the house reminded me....I know I said I would be sharing my kitchen cabinet project, which I still am, I just haven't been inspired in the way that I would like to, to get the kitchen photo ready. Plus, we've had more overcast days lately than not, and natural light is a must. I'm obviously thinking about it now though because i'm sitting here writing about it. I'll be sure and  try to stay focused so I can share all the hard work I did on the kitchen cabinets with you. 
It's been so dreary in the mornings the last few days. That kind of sets the tone for me for how the rest of the day will be for me. Even though it's Friday and I'm super pumped, for no specific reason whatsoever, I don't want to leave the house at all today. I hope that sun comes out quick because it's looking like a lazy day around the house! Any fun plans this weekend? I promise i'll get to working on some content for my kitchen cabinets.

Happy Weekend,

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