Monday, January 2, 2017

Bring on Life's Great Adventures this Year

Happy New Year friends! I say bring on 2017, because I sense good things will come of it. I know it's so cliche to blog about new years resolutions and goals, but i'm going to anyway. And hopefully my goals/resolutions aren't really all that cliche. So far, I have started off my new year right. I've spent it with the people I love the most. We currently have little love bugs running around the house, Anastasia, Amari and Aaliyah. I don't think I have mentioned on the blog that Mike and I have grand babies. And they may not literally be my grandchildren, but that's the role they fill, and grandma is the role I will play with them. I decided I want them to call me GlamMaw, so I've been trying to teach them to say that all weekend. Although, they are still too young to say it, at least 2 out of 3 are. 
There are lots of things I would like to accomplish and get done this year. The first few days of a new year is the best time to sit down and reflect on those things. Even though you may or may not accomplish everything or maybe not do it in the order you like, writing goals down helps mold what the new year will look for you. Just remember, no matter how much you plan to the precise detail, God does all the real planning for us. Instead of planning your year, go into 2017 with the intentions of accomplishing what you "plan". 
I'm sure many bloggers have the same and/or similar goals for their blogs. Mine would be to post more per week and make my blog more of a priority. But, not too much of one that I miss out on life and living. Blogging is a full time job, it's not easy, and you have to hustle and constantly up yourself. I want to do all of that, but on my own time and terms. I want to be a successful blogger without it stopping me from enjoying the little moments that make up my life. So, finding the right balance to do it in that order is a goal for me and MN. 
A new year is also a really good time to do any re-branding. Even though I don't plan on doing any major re-branding to MN blog, I would like to take a slightly different direction. I won't focus so much on fashion, as I will my own personal style. Expect to see more outdoorsy post. I have decided I would like to focus more on our outdoor lifestyle and my attire for those activities i.e. rv life, camping, riding the Odes UTV. And, I am determined to be done making our house feel like a home this year. Which means you will definitely see more of my style of decorating on the blog. When I originally started this blog, home/interior was what I wanted to do. However, I got more of a response from fashion so I got a little distracted. I have a tiny bit more knowledge and experience with blogging now and hope to take MN in a different direction with more home, life, and  my personal style post. Hopefully all those things sound good and you will come back for more. 
Another goal, not entirely directly related to the blog is, travel more. Even if it's in the state of Texas. Mike and I have one big trip we "plan" on taking this year. Last year we went to London in March, this year we are expected to be in Hong Kong sometime around October. Neither of us have been to Asia, so we are pumped. I'm dying to go for another visit to Oregon to see my bestie and #1 girl, Lisa. That is a trip I should be focusing on for the near, near future. 
I could bore you with all of the goals I wrote down, but I would rather you come back and visit the blog. The rain has stopped and the sun is shining. I'm ready to see what I can create today to share with you. What are some of your goals or resolutions this year? 

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