Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Everyone knows that attached to the new year is, spending time reflecting and making resolutions. I haven't done much reflection, as much as I have goal setting, until yesterday. I was thinking about the beautiful blessing of real friendships and how i'm completely blessed to have an abundance of lifelong friendships. It amazes me that some of these relationships were non-existent just a few years ago. People who were once random strangers, are now close to my mind, body, and soul. 
I woke up this morning thinking about the first time I was in Canada. It was also the first time I went zip lining. Mike and I finally had a day together in Whistler, and woke up early to do the first tour with the zip lining company. We get up to the first zip lining course and it was completely fogged over. Zero visibility to the other end. I think a combination of things just made me completely fearless. Two things I know for sure that helped, 1. I was in complete and total awe of God's great earth at that moment, and 2. I was with Mike, who I trust and love over obsessively. And he was not remotely scared, in fact he was pumped. If I remember correctly he was the first one to go into the fog abyss. So I went second. The pure joy and thrill I felt on this line was an incredibly powerful. The overwhelming feeling of how blessed I was in that moment in  my life was raw, whole and a stilling moment forever in my heart. 
I felt a similar way yesterday when I opened and read a Christmas card sent all the way from Hong Kong from my sweetest and dearest friends. How blessed I feel to be thought of and loved so greatly by someone I met less than 1 year ago. These beautiful and pure moments in life that God sets up for us are positively life-altering. You just have to recognize it and let it be. 
Some of this reflecting has led to some important resolutions I would like to focus on doing this year; and that is to not taking ANYTHING that blesses my life for granted. I also want to be sure and be more adventurous and explore more of the outdoors, so I can enjoy, live in, and make more of the little moments. Of course with my one true love, Mike. Cheers to a blessed and adventurous year!

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