Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Productive Morning & Proud Accomplishment

I've had a rather busy day already and it's only 10:18 am. I got up this morning, still motivated from last night's idea, to go and take pictures at Market St before all the shops opened. After that I went to H-E-B, on my way back home, to get the rest of the ingredients I need to make a His & Her VD cocktail. 
I mentioned a while ago that I was taking a different direction with MN blog, and had decided to do less post on outfits. Unless of course, they pertain to our outdoor lifestyle. However, today was simply me practicing working with my tripod and using the Canon camera app on my phone. Not that you would know this but, since before Christmas I have been taking all photos I post, myself. Dillan, my stepson, got me a tripod for Christmas. The tripod then became my official photographer. And just like that, I figured out a way to take photos without inconveniencing or having to ask someone else. Now I am practicing the art of tripod, solo photography. Mostly everything I've taken with my tripod since I got it, is me playing around with it. 

I know there are a lot of bloggers who have to plan out in advance what they post everyday on their blog, and don't get me wrong I try to do that as well, but sometimes I find that getting something ready same day, last minute can turn out alright. Not that today's post is the greatest content, but with that being said, there is a message behind it. I overcame one of the major let downs and constant set backs, for me as a blogger. That was me not being able to produce because I never had a photographer. Hiring a professional all the time would be so great and awesome, but that's not in my budget. And even if it was in my budget, I still don't think I would hire one for every styled shoot I wanted to do. Plus, Mike got me a nice camera for my birthday last year and I want to take full advantage of having it. I say all you need is a good camera/lens, and a tripod. If I can do it, you can do it. All you have to do is practice, and keep practicing. 
So, same day post, let's say published before 11 am, and my first "outfit" shoot with my tripod as my photographer. How did I do? When you set your mind to it, oh what you can achieve...
As if my day hasn't already felt busy enough, and because i'm enjoying the productiveness, i'm going to go for a walk and test my theory on a margarita (you'll understand what I mean by this soon, so stay tuned), and then come home and work on some VD festive drink recipes...!

Skirt: Forever 21 similar here  |  Sweater: Forever 21 old - similar here  |  Shoes: Vans

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  1. I think you did quite well. I would never have been able to tell that this was solo photography.

    Mich x