Monday, December 19, 2016

Creaking Doors Hang Longest

This is certainly the case for this door. Although you probably couldn't use it as a door anymore, it's still hanging and being used for something! 

I finally got Mike to hang this screen door for me that I got in Round Top. It was one of those proud finds. I needed something rather large and dramatic for the wall space above the couch. When I saw this door and the price, I was like, yes please! It was $10! Of course I had to give it a little face lift, It was rough around the edges when I scooped it up, but nothing I couldn't make pretty with a little ASCP. You may remember the before photos from a previous post, but if not, here's what it looked like before...

Mike removed any remaining mesh from what was once the screen part of the door. I basically just sanded it down really well with extra course sandpaper, wiped it down after sanding, and dry brushed two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White. I didn't use any wax because it wasn't necessary for where I was putting it, and because I love the flat look. I left the door handle alone and just painted around it. If you can't tell, that's what the wreath is hanging from. Such a simple project and I can't wait to find the perfect picture frames to make a collage of some sort.  For now, I'm just going to enjoy that it actually got hung and how beautifully it fills the wall space. How's your holiday shopping coming? I ask because we still have so much Christmas shopping to do and that fact is what's currently going through my head, but thank goodness for Amazon prime, right? Are you done with your Christmas shopping? Until next time friends...


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