Tuesday, December 20, 2016

'Chill Pill' Recipe

In light of Mike's foot surgery this morning, I thought it would be appropriate to share the recipe for a drink I recently created. It's kind of a spin on a hotty toddy. We were in Oklahoma over Thanksgiving and it was mighty cold outside. We were about to go for a night ride on the side by side and I just didn't feel like making a cocktail. I wanted something to warm me up. So, I made some camomile tea...and then I decided to add a splash of Mike's whiskey to it. Now, normally I wouldn't even consider whiskey because I do NOT like it. However, Singleton is an exception. It is the first, and only, whiskey that I have sipped (not frequently) and enjoyed. And his Singleton happened to be in the camper. I then squeezed a lemon wedge in there because, well, the lemon was lying right there and seemed like it was right for my concoction. I gave it a little stir, and to my delight it was very good. 

As we were out on out ride I thought of a name for it...the 'Chill Pill'. It did just that. It had a very calming, relaxing effect, and not to mention, it kept me warm. It's only fitting that I make another one to keep me warm today and because A. I'm playing nurse, and B. Mike took his chill pill (not to mention went under anesthesia earlier), so why not take mine. Off I go to be a good caretaker...Why do you need a chill pill today?


Chill Pill

1 cup/8 ounces Camomile Tea (hot)
1 ounce Singleton Whiskey (substitute any whiskey)
1 lemon wedge


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