Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Simple Christmas: Why It's Less Stressful This Year

I think this might be the earliest that I have ever started jotting down New Year goals/resolutions. I'm curious why I have begun reflecting on this year already. Maybe it's because i'm already ready for the holiday madness to be over. As much as I love this time of year, because it is Jesus' birthday, the pressure and expectations are stressful. 
This year has been slightly different than others in the past for me, because my focus has been in the kitchen. I feel the pressure to find time and get Christmas shopping done, and wondering when i'll be able to get out and get gifts for everyone on my list. First, thank goodness for Amazon...and Visa gift cards. Well I guess first is, reminding myself that regardless Christmas isn't, and shouldn't be, about getting tons of gifts for people. It should be about the birth of Jesus. So, if I don't get everything bought on my list i'm not going to stress. Whether you got 1, 2, 3, or 4 gifts, at least you got something.
Another way i'm avoiding stress, is by minimal decorating this year. I still have yet to completely decorate. I haven't even  hung one ornament on the tree. The tree is really gorgeous without anything on it, so that helps. Typically in the past, I get new wrapping paper colors and ribbon. I'm keeping it simple by using what I have from last year, which is plain kraft paper wrapping paper. It's simple, and neutral. Even though it's our first year in this house for Christmas, trying to go all out with warm, and cozy decorations, it's not worth the time that I can't find, or the stress. 
One of last year's New Years goals was to be more organized. And that was something that I was pretty consistent about. More so organization of my thoughts. I have consistently jotted down notes, this year, so that I didn't forget ideas, or to-do's. I found that making little notes has helped with not getting overwhelmed and stressed out...stressed out because i'm overwhelmed. 
So far I have about 6 things written down of what I would like to achieve, accomplish, change or gain in 2017. I'll share some with you guys as it gets closer to the New Year. We can compare notes perhaps! Until then, i'm going to stay positive for the remainder of the Christmas season and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, our God almighty!

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