Tuesday, December 20, 2016

'Chill Pill' Recipe

In light of Mike's foot surgery this morning, I thought it would be appropriate to share the recipe for a drink I recently created. It's kind of a spin on a hotty toddy. We were in Oklahoma over Thanksgiving and it was mighty cold outside. We were about to go for a night ride on the side by side and I just didn't feel like making a cocktail. I wanted something to warm me up. So, I made some camomile tea...and then I decided to add a splash of Mike's whiskey to it. Now, normally I wouldn't even consider whiskey because I do NOT like it. However, Singleton is an exception. It is the first, and only, whiskey that I have sipped (not frequently) and enjoyed. And his Singleton happened to be in the camper. I then squeezed a lemon wedge in there because, well, the lemon was lying right there and seemed like it was right for my concoction. I gave it a little stir, and to my delight it was very good. 

As we were out on out ride I thought of a name for it...the 'Chill Pill'. It did just that. It had a very calming, relaxing effect, and not to mention, it kept me warm. It's only fitting that I make another one to keep me warm today and because A. I'm playing nurse, and B. Mike took his chill pill (not to mention went under anesthesia earlier), so why not take mine. Off I go to be a good caretaker...Why do you need a chill pill today?


Chill Pill

1 cup/8 ounces Camomile Tea (hot)
1 ounce Singleton Whiskey (substitute any whiskey)
1 lemon wedge


Monday, December 19, 2016

Creaking Doors Hang Longest

This is certainly the case for this door. Although you probably couldn't use it as a door anymore, it's still hanging and being used for something! 

I finally got Mike to hang this screen door for me that I got in Round Top. It was one of those proud finds. I needed something rather large and dramatic for the wall space above the couch. When I saw this door and the price, I was like, yes please! It was $10! Of course I had to give it a little face lift, It was rough around the edges when I scooped it up, but nothing I couldn't make pretty with a little ASCP. You may remember the before photos from a previous post, but if not, here's what it looked like before...

Mike removed any remaining mesh from what was once the screen part of the door. I basically just sanded it down really well with extra course sandpaper, wiped it down after sanding, and dry brushed two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White. I didn't use any wax because it wasn't necessary for where I was putting it, and because I love the flat look. I left the door handle alone and just painted around it. If you can't tell, that's what the wreath is hanging from. Such a simple project and I can't wait to find the perfect picture frames to make a collage of some sort.  For now, I'm just going to enjoy that it actually got hung and how beautifully it fills the wall space. How's your holiday shopping coming? I ask because we still have so much Christmas shopping to do and that fact is what's currently going through my head, but thank goodness for Amazon prime, right? Are you done with your Christmas shopping? Until next time friends...


Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Simple Christmas: Why It's Less Stressful This Year

I think this might be the earliest that I have ever started jotting down New Year goals/resolutions. I'm curious why I have begun reflecting on this year already. Maybe it's because i'm already ready for the holiday madness to be over. As much as I love this time of year, because it is Jesus' birthday, the pressure and expectations are stressful. 
This year has been slightly different than others in the past for me, because my focus has been in the kitchen. I feel the pressure to find time and get Christmas shopping done, and wondering when i'll be able to get out and get gifts for everyone on my list. First, thank goodness for Amazon...and Visa gift cards. Well I guess first is, reminding myself that regardless Christmas isn't, and shouldn't be, about getting tons of gifts for people. It should be about the birth of Jesus. So, if I don't get everything bought on my list i'm not going to stress. Whether you got 1, 2, 3, or 4 gifts, at least you got something.
Another way i'm avoiding stress, is by minimal decorating this year. I still have yet to completely decorate. I haven't even  hung one ornament on the tree. The tree is really gorgeous without anything on it, so that helps. Typically in the past, I get new wrapping paper colors and ribbon. I'm keeping it simple by using what I have from last year, which is plain kraft paper wrapping paper. It's simple, and neutral. Even though it's our first year in this house for Christmas, trying to go all out with warm, and cozy decorations, it's not worth the time that I can't find, or the stress. 
One of last year's New Years goals was to be more organized. And that was something that I was pretty consistent about. More so organization of my thoughts. I have consistently jotted down notes, this year, so that I didn't forget ideas, or to-do's. I found that making little notes has helped with not getting overwhelmed and stressed out...stressed out because i'm overwhelmed. 
So far I have about 6 things written down of what I would like to achieve, accomplish, change or gain in 2017. I'll share some with you guys as it gets closer to the New Year. We can compare notes perhaps! Until then, i'm going to stay positive for the remainder of the Christmas season and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, our God almighty!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Merry Painting

Hey y'all! It probably feels like I fell off the face of the earth. I wanted to check in here on the blog and let everyone know i'm still around. I've been struggling juggling getting content for the blog and doing DIY projects at the house. I guess i'm not much of a multi-tasker after all. If you don't know already I have been working away at painting the kitchen cabinets. I'm relived to report I am about 70% done. If you really want to be nice 80% would be some what accurate too. My goal is to be done by Thursday. So cross your fingers and say a prayer for me. 
I have yet to completely decorate my house for Christmas, which is a bummer because I totally envisioned our first Christmas in the new house to be so festive. I still have time, but I probably won't go all out like I wanted too. I got a tree, and that's a pretty major part. 
I am also preparing the house for a holiday party i'm hosting at the house for some blogger friends. I am having this party mainly because I am doing a blog post on holiday party food and drinks ideas. I want to do a spread of hor d' oeuvres and drink ideas, and it just doesn't make sense to waste a bunch of food just for a photo. I thought it would be a great idea to gather some new friends together and hopefully meet some new fellow bloggers as well. I have a few things, after I tackle the cabinets, to get done around the house for the party, but other than that i'm going to try not stress about it. One of the biggest challenges is that Mike has been traveling so much. In fact he is gone now, will come home for a couple days, and be gone again for another week. That's so tough because I need his man power at times. 
Another challenge is stressing out about not posting anything on MN. I so miss blogging and solely focusing on content for it. And I thought that was stressful. I was wrong. Painting kitchen cabinets is stressful guys. Originally we hired painters, booked the date, and I got a voice mail the day before (on a Sunday) they were supposed to come, saying they couldn't come until the following Monday (insert angry face emoji). That little hiccup basically left a sour taste in our mouth and we reverted back to an original thought, which was chalk painting the cabinets ourselves. I was a tiny bit skeptical about using chalk paint on the cabinets because I heard equal parts good and bad things about using chalk paint on kitchen cabinets. However, until right before we started this project we were informed about a new product. They now make a water based poly urethane that you can seal chalk paint with. The scary thing about chalk paint in such a high water area like a kitchen is how well it holds up long term. And no matter what, wax that you would typically seal chalk paint with on a piece of furniture doesn't hold up, again long term, on kitchen cabinets. Needless to say it's been quite an adventure. I wanted a specific color, that of course doesn't exist, so I had to mix two colors of the Annie Sloan chalk paint. And because I was using that color on many cabinets, in order to get the color consistent, I've had to make a ratio and mix it in small batches. I am done mixing as of last night, and can move on to the top cabinets (there aren't as many) and i'm only using one color for those. So hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here. 
I learned to not overdo it. I took a day off on Saturday, and I don't wake up and and get straight to it. I don't want to be completely be burnt out to where I do a crappy job. I have high hopes that I can be done by Thursday. And if I don't mess around, maybe I could get done Wednesday...night. 
I can't wait to reveal the new cabinets on the blog and share some tips that I learned along the way, some of those tips I learned the hard way too. If I had to give some good advice now though, hire someone. If I wasn't so stubborn I would have waited for the following Monday for them to do it. On the bright side, we saved a chunk of money. What's been going on with you? How is the Christmas holiday treating you? I'm about to put pen to paper before I get to painting and start planning out some fun content I want to do for MN. See you soon!

Throwback Tuesday to what i'd rather be doing ;)