Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Family Time is the Best Time

We have been in Hot Springs, Arkansas since Saturday and finally made it to Oklahoma yesterday for the duration of our Thanksgiving trip. The reception out in Hot Springs was nowhere to be found unless you walked up a steep hill. The hill wasn't close enough to the campsite for me to bother to make a post because it was quite chilly. I will say being disconnected was a very nice feeling. The colder temps have been refreshing, seeing as Texas hasn't provided any winter days yet. We enjoyed our stay at the ORV park in Hot Springs. I found the trails to the most challenging we have been on since we got our side by side. My stepson Dillan was able to join us on Sunday with his new toy, a 2017 Canam Outlander 4 wheeler. Now we really are a UTV family. There are so many adventures ahead of us that I'm looking forward too and now that we are in Oklahoma, camped on Mikes dad's property in the mountains, there is lots of exploring to do. Usually we would be in an old jeep but this year we are in our new toys. Although Jesus' birthday is my favorite holiday, getting to spend quality family time with both mine and Mike's family together is such an amazing feeling. My grandmother lives about 50 miles away in Arkansas from Mike's dad here in Oklahoma so it makes it possible for us to spend it together. I'm so thankful for the relations our families have made and am ready to sit around the table tomorrow and visit with everyone in one room. I'm also so thankful everyday for Mike. He is such an awesome provider, a wonderful dad and son. Life without him would not be pleasant and I honestly don't know what I would do without him. I thank God everyday for blessing me with him. What or who are you thankful for?
Here are some pictures from our little adventure at the Hot Springs ORV Park. It was so pretty and the weather could not have been more perfect. At night we sat around the campfire and ate some delicious cold weather meals. This trip will make it to one of the most memorable for me because of the quality time I got to spend with my little family. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Go stuff yourself! Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. I tried to share more photos but it's taking too much time to upload, which is taking away from my family time!


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Comfortable = Confidence

The most important rule I go by for my personal style is, be comfortable. Being comfortable is important for me because it's what makes me feel confident with what i'm wearing. You probably know exactly what I mean when I say, there's nothing worse than being out, your in a cute outfit, and your constantly having to pull, tug, lift, stretch, adjust, etc. If the fit is off, everything is off. Those outfit days are long gone for me, I've learned my lesson, miserably. If i'm hitting the town I MUST be comfortable. I also must have something to keep me warm, because there's nothing worse, for me, than freezing to death. One of the things I've learned about my personal style, is that I love trying to dress up a piece that's super casual.  Why? Because 9 times out 10 casual pieces are the most comfortable pieces. Mixing casual and dressy is my goal. I don't always do it, but I love to. For example, a simple t-shirt paired with a pencil skirt. such a cute look. Or even ripped jeans, comfortable heels, a basic tee and a blazer. Classic, love that look. I try to think outside of the box when i'm styling a look, for any occasion. When i'm standing in my closet, instead of buying a new outfit, I think about what pieces I haven't ever thought to pair together. I also tell myself to not think about what's trending, and rather maybe start a new trend. Regardless of what your wearing, personally, as long as your comfortable and confident, it will show, and you will look good. Confidence is the best accessory you can have. I believe when your confident it's obvious. It radiates an energy that somehow attracts people. And for me feeling comfortable, makes me feel confident. Test my theory. Step 1: Wear something casual and mix it with one or two dressier pieces that you feel good about and feel good in. Step 2: Walk into a room like you own it and see how many people pick up on your confident energy. You will be turning heads. Those are usually the times that people approach me the most and compliment my outfit. Today's look is an example of just that. I went to breakfast with my sister and can't tell you the looks and compliments I got, and this look is definitely nothing fancy. Also, the look from Monday's post. I wore that outfit last week to an event I went to with Mike. I was super comfortable (and warm) and people were stopping me to tell me how cute I looked. All because I was simply comfortable, which made me confident. Let me know how my theory works out for you! Until next time...

Top: Ellen Tracy  |  Boots: Just Fab old  |  Bracelet: Boho Betty


Monday, November 14, 2016

The Struggle is Real

Well hello! I was absent last week on the blog, but I haven't given up and I'm not done yet. Although, the struggle is real as a blogger. Finding the time to inconvenience someone to take photos for you (without professionally paying them) is a hard task. Everyone has a busy life, especially with the holidays coming at us, and the last thing someone wants to do when they get just a little bit of free time, is take photos. I'm not speaking of anyone specific. This is just how I feel about getting help with my blog.. No matter what, and it took me a second to realize this, but you have to have support and help as a blogger. As much as you try, you can't do it on your own. I mean I would love to be able to take photos of myself without having to get someone to do it. Maybe I should invest in a tripod and master the art of tripod solo photography shoots (whatever that means). For now, I'll have to keep asking my sweet family members. That I can't thank enough, for supporting me and helping me out, even though there are probably times they could be doing something way more fun, or something for themselves and not for me. Without my family, by now, I for sure would have given up. With that being said, unfortunately, I  probably will remain more absent on the blog, specifically because of the holidays. My ultimate goal is to post 3-4 times a week. Dreaming big, because on average i'm posting 2-3 times a week and struggling with doing even that. Like I said, i'm not giving up and i'll figure out how to get here 3-4 times a week somehow. However, with the holidays coming up, I don't foresee that happening anytime soon. So stick with me because I will still be here, just not as consistently as I would like too. It's important for me that I don't stress about making post. That leads to me wanting to throw anything together just to make a post, and the outcome is poor quality content. And I just don't want that for MN blog. Last week was super busy and lots of my planning quickly became unplanned/to no plans at all. Which is why I made zero post. The wheels are always spinning though and there are lots of things yet to be shared with you, but instead of rushing that content, i'll take my time. That way its great instead of good. I hope all is right in the world for you, considering the absurd madness going on across the country. On that note, I'm having my sweet friend at Chez Michel (you can check out and follow her on Facebook @chezmicheldesigns) make some fun shirts, so stay tuned to check them out. I shall see you later on the blog...hopefully, that's tentative...unplanned. I'm going on strike on planning anything, God is hysterically laughing at me over here trying to make plans and control my life. So I surrender, and i'm not making any plans. But I will be back! Have a good Monday friends!

Dress: Forever 21  |  Jacket: J.Crew old  |  Shoes: HauteLook old |  Bracelets: Boho Betty


Friday, November 4, 2016

DIY Overload

I know, I know, I have been a total flake on the blog this week. I mentioned I've been super busy getting some things around the house checked off my list. It has been a DIY overload here at my household. And I know Mike will be so glad when we are done. The last couple of days have consisted of lots of sanding. Today I got to sand and paint. I still have lots of painting to do. But hopefully this weekend Mike and I can check the majority of things off my list. I had a moment to finally get showered and make this short and sweet post. Today i'm sharing some of the projects that are under way. It started raining on me just as I was getting the last of the sanding done, but I got it done. Yay!
Most of this stuff are some of my goodies from Roundtop a few weeks ago. This once was an old screen door. For a rather large door because it's huge. I sanded it down and put a couple coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White. It's currently drying, awaiting to be hung on the massive wall space above the couch. I have some interesting plans for this screen door, just you wait and see.

This old door will take place of my current laundry door. I'm having my sweet friend make a vinyl decal that simply says Laundry to put on the glass.I can't wait to replace the current door because the hallway is so dark now. With this door having glass, the natural light from the window in the laundry room will light up the hallway nicely. I got this all sanded today and its waiting to get painted. I will also paint this in the ASCP in Pure White. I'm on the look out for an old black knob. I want to make it look as original as possible, but new. I was so excited when we got home from Roundtop to find out that it will fit! We haven't actually gotten to that point yet, so hopefully it's still going to be the same size for the door frame. 

I scored this twin size head and foot board from the neighborhood classifieds page. That's not what the page is called, but it's the same purpose. People post stuff they are selling. I love the idea of taking any twin size head/foot board and turning them into benches. The head board will be a bench for an entry nook I have, and the foot board will be a bench for my front porch. I'm excited to finally get my entry way nook filled. I found the exact bench cushion I want at Pier 1, and that's on my list tomorrow to go by and get. I didn't do much but wipe it down and spray paint it. The color I used is called French Cream (which is fitting for my "modern french farmhouse" theme I have going on in the house) and  it's in matte finish. If you know me I love anything matte or flat. These, of course, are the before photos.

Annnd there's more. I'm going to give my front door a little face lift. I've wanted to paint it in Wrought Iron by Benjamin Moore since we moved in. We ordered a new door handle and I got the paint earlier this week. This project we will be tackling first thing in the morning, in hopes that it will be done for guest tomorrow evening. So wish us luck. I can't wait to reveal my new porch.

One last little sneak peak. I didn't get a good before photo yet, but do have a photo of the kitchen cabinets to show you. The red cherry stained kitchen cabinets are going bye, bye next week. We decided to hire some professional painters to come and paint all the kitchen cabinets. When we looked at the house before we bought it, the cabinet color was one thing that had to go for me. Especially after we put in the new floors. They totally clash with them and just isn't the look I want. I did a test color for the lower cabinets and decided on Sherwin Williams 'Contented' and, i'm a little nervous because I haven't seen this color on the cabinet yet but, the upper cabinets will be painted in Sherwin William's 'Dover White'. I ordered the new hardware too, so hopefully they look good and will work. 

So, now you see why I have been MIA on the blog. These projects are all happening at once. I have been so exhausted when I crawl into bed at night this week. I can't wait until it's all complete and I can share with you the end results. Hope your having a fantastic Friday. Any fun plans this weekend? You know what I'll be doing!