Monday, October 3, 2016

MN Blog: Peeps of the Week

It has turned out to be a gorgeous Monday. It would be hard to have any Monday blues today because the weather is so beautiful. I had such a good time this weekend in Roundtop, Texas. I didn't even take any pictures. I was on the serious hunt for several things for the house. I was super focused, plus I had crap for cellular service. Which is my excuse for lack of social media post. I attempted to take pics both days, but unfortunately never got around to it. If you check out Traditional Home magazine's Instagram channel, I think it was, @marieflaniganinteriors took over while she was in Roundtop. If you really want an idea of what my idea of Roundtop is, and where I WISH I could spend my money, check out their Instagram. I did go to most of, if not all of the places she was IGing from. Although some of the places were out of my league, I found some really good finds, for good deals. I finally found an old door for my laundry room, and I am so excited because I think it fits. Also, I came home with an old, big screen door to fill the massive wall space above my couch. The best part of the screen door find, it was $10! So, I got to check quite a few things off my list of things for the house. I love anything farmhouse, old and new, or modern. I also really like to blend the new/modern look with old/farmhouse look. I am attempting to keep a french theme going for my house. So I am bascially trying to get a Modern French Farmhouse look. As I get things done around here, I hope to share with everyone. Today's post is MN Blogs, Peeps of the Week, a new series i'm giving a try on the blog. The series will be a little look at what to expect of the week ahead on the blog. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Did anything exciting happen? 

This look will be on the blog this week. First time this year I could wear these black ankle booties. They came in handy for me on our trip to London last season. The lightweight ribbed, olive green sweatshirt is perfect for layering weather, and is by far one of my favorite Fall pieces. I just picked up this faux leather mini skirt. I'm in absolute love with the way it fits and the fact that it's so versatile. 
I was on the look out in Roundtop for a large wooden bowl to use as a permanent centerpiece for my dining room table. We love our dining room table (we have yet to get to use) and neither Mike or I remember it being soooo HUGE when we saw and ordered it in the store. A long, and wide wooden bowl was necessary for the size of the table, and what I wanted. I was lucky I got exactly that. It's the perfect bowl to put seasonal arrangements in. I started working on a Fall centerpiece. I'm on the look out for a couple medium sized white pumpkins to complete this project.
This dress, that I wore a few weeks ago to the Luxington Boutique grand opening, is finally going to be up on the blog. I love the length of this dress and the mock neck. Add a kimono and strappy sandals, and this look can be worn anywhere. 
Check back on MN blog to find out the details on all the Peeps of the Week!

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