Monday, October 17, 2016

MN Blog: Peeps of the Week

How was everyone's weekend? We had a busy little weekend, with Homecoming and all. But it's a new week of blogging for me. My goal is to get some things done in Cristen's room this week, to share with you. And there are a couple looks from the weekend i'll have up also. I've been thinking about the cold weather we, hopefully, have coming. With our new hobbies of riding the side by side ( Odes ) and camping, we will be spending a lot of time in the great outdoors. That means, I need to start stocking up on warm clothes to ride in. A fact about me, I am always cold, even when it's 100 degrees outside. Therefore, I have to start thinking about these things ahead of time. Mike thinks there is something wrong with me because I am always cold. I just make sure I am prepared with some type of cover up anywhere I go. It's on my list this week to find or order a pair of overalls for our trip this weekend. It looks like the place we are going camping and riding at has red dirt everywhere, so it's going to get dirty. I don't see myself spending too much for a pair, but if you know of any good places to get overalls i'd love to know. There is something else on my current wishlist for our riding adventures. I'm surprised to say this, but I am dying for a pair of duck boots or duckies (whatever the correct term is). I never pegged myself for the type to wear them, however I never really had a reason to need a pair. And I find a pair of duckies to be completely suitable to wear riding, especially in cooler temps. Of course, I  already found a pair from Sperry. In the meantime i'll get one thing at a time and find some overalls first. Here are the peeps of the week guys, with the exception of Cristen's room. Come back and visit the blog soon, have a good week y'all!
I think you will be shocked when you find out where I got this top. I totally was. I also saw some more things I think I need for Winter from the same place. How much do you love that here in Texas it's acceptable to wear shorts, a sweater and wedges for Fall (and some of Winter)?

I love this mock neck zipper sweatshirt. And not because it's gray (another fact about me, I love the color gray or grey?)! It's cozy and chic and can be worn with so many different things, in some many different ways. 


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