Tuesday, October 18, 2016

It's a Keeper

I mentioned on yesterdays post one thing about me is that I am always cold. So, it is completely necessary for me to start gearing up for the cooler weather ahead. Not to mention we are headed out for a camping trip in the northeast part of Texas. Isn't it always a little cooler further North? I am going to go ahead and assume that it is. I picked up this sweater and another jacket the other day. And if the suspense isn't killing you, well, it's killing me. You won't believe this, but I got this adorable Ellen Tracy sweater at Costco. Who knew they had such adorable clothes. Actually affordable is more like it. This sweater was $16.99. The other jacket I got was also $16.99! I was totally shocked when I found them, I guess I've never browsed their clothes selection before. I feel like I have, it's a probably hit or miss, but i'll definitely be looking more consistently from now on. I will also be returning for some cute plaid knit cardigans I spotted while there the other day.  I need all I can to keep me warm. Now that the secret is out, the sweater comes in 2 additional colors. Plus, some bonus info, there was a Calvin Klein crew neck sweater next to the Ellen Tracy sweaters, that were too cute. And that particular sweater had several color options. This excites me. I never thought I wouldn't have to leave my own neighborhood to physically go shopping. I may be being slightly dramatic, but you have to call a good deal when you see one. I'm telling you, there's some good deals going on at Costco. I'll most likely get a good decade out of this sweater.  The color is called Fawn, to some it would be Camel, a classic, timeless color. If your looking for a keeper, go check out Costco guys. Until next time...


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