Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hobby Goals

I went a little out of my comfort zone and wore some wedges with shorts. I don't typically like that look, however, since they are booties it gives the outfit an edgy look. Mid-day, yesterday, outside I almost asked myself why I was wearing a sweater. But then I went to the grocery store, after my lovely Mom shot this look for me, and I was glad I had it on. There is was one thing I hate, when I don't have a sweater or jacket to wear in the freezing cold grocery store. It makes for a miserable time. Of course, I probably don't spend as much either because i'm trying to hurry out of there. This outfit was perfectly acceptable for the weather we have been having and I couldn't be more stoked to start busting out the sweaters. I want to get creative and spice things up a bit as I transition my wardrobe into Fall and Winter. My goal is to only buy a few basic things, and try hard to use what  I already have. If I was going to give it away, sell it, or haven't worn for (what's the rule?) a long time, my goal is to find a way to incorporate it into this seasons attire. And if I can't then i'll really be rid of it. Everything I am wearing on today's post is, somewhat, old. I made the cutoff jeans from what once was a pair of board shorts I've had for over 5 years easy, the black wedge ankle booties I got in 2012, I believe, for our trip to Whistler, B.C., and the sweater I got at the beginning of the year on clearance for about $11 at Old Navy. 
Some of the basic things I need for the chilly season are; Black, White, and Gray long sleeve crew/v-neck shirts, Black/White long sleeve bodysuits, black skinny jeans. There's a few more on the list of basics, but I also need to fit a new hobby into the retail budget. The most important goal will be to get some things to go riding in. I've mentioned we bought an RV camper (toy hauler) and a side by side, or ATV/UTV/OHV. It's an off-road toy (vehicle), in simpler terms. A very fun toy that Mike wanted and, by the way, I did not object. We haven't had it long but so far are really enjoying our new hobbies of camping and riding. When your out riding, it's almost a guarantee your going to get dirty. Old clothes certainly come in handy for this hobby. With all that being said, here is what I think about and need to start planning on; It's going to get super chilly soon and it will be just as super chilly when riding. So, i'm on the hunt for some Hunter boots to keep my feet warm, and i'm thinking I need a couple pairs of  fun overalls. I'm excited to start incorporating our new hobby into the blog. I'm afraid it would be silly not to, seeing as a lot of my time will being going into these hobbies. Stick around and see what adventure awaits... What are some of your hobbies? 


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