Friday, October 7, 2016

Farmhouse Table Fall Tablescape

The title of today's post is a bit of a tongue twister. Try saying it 5 X in a row! It was the best way I could describe the subject of today's post. I scored this long wooden bowl in Roundtop last weekend. It was $25 and exactly what I wanted for the center of our gigantic dining room table. I wanted something pretty dramatic because the table is so big. I think the bowl will be perfect to put festive tablescapes in. Makes me think about what i'll do for Christmas. It's too early in my book to even be think about Christmas though. I finally found the right size white pumpkins at Whole Foods. I wanted real white pumpkins vs faux. One reason I prefer real is they are real, and look real. Also, it's less things I have to store and pull out annually. I've had pretty good luck with pumpkins lasting through the Thanksgiving holiday, so i'm hoping I get my $7/each out of them! 
The little white pumpkins I snagged at Traders Joe's (who usually have the best selection and prices on pumpkins, gourds, fairy tale pumpkins, etc.) for .69 cents/each. I keep going back to Trader Joe's to check the newest selection of pumpkins for my porch. Because the bowl is darn near the same color as the table, I bought some real eucalyptus at Traders Joe's and made my own table runner to help break up the wood on wood. I originally had intentions on buying only white pumpkins for this project however, the fairy tale green pumpkin on the bowl in the center was so pretty. Plus, I think green looks amazing with the wall color in the dining room. Subtle pops of greens really bring out the green hue in the paint color. 
I've just until recently started thinking about getting the dining room completed. There's a few things I want to do in there that are fairly big projects. For the most part, I am still on the look out for two dining room chairs for the ends of the table, and I would like to find the right rug. One of the big projects would be to find, or make and install a couple floating shelves. The other pretty big project will be putting up some faux shiplap from the chair molding down. We bought all the materials to do the dining room and the toilet room wall in shiplap before we even moved in. That was in April. We haven't even come close to starting. I think I could be crazy because I want most of this done for the holidays... 

Needless to say, the dining room is a work in progress. Pinterest keeps me inspired and I have discovered some great content on Instagram too. I feel as if i'm headed in the right direction from what I visualize as the end result, it's just taking some time to get there. Roundtop was a nice fire under my rear, and I left motivated enough to get to work. Thoughts on my Fall tablescape? I'm on a mission to find the right size skulls to add to the centerpiece to make it Halloween festive. Have a wonderful weekend guys...

Cheers to the weekend,

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