Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Worth the Effort

This is the "I want to dress up, but not really" outfit. I made the effort and it was worth the effort because I was still comfortable and cute when I wore this outfit to brunch after church on Sunday. I really had no intentions on going to brunch so I threw something on with moderate enthusiasm. All pieces are old (with the exception of the hat and shoes). I've noticed lately that some of my older items are making it to the front of the closet. I'm not a HUGE fan of shopping, so it comes in spurts when I do go. The in between times, I make do by taking clothes out of retirement. A good reason to buy a lot of timeless, neutral, classic pieces. Such as this gray dress, that can be used for so much. This dress can easily be tucked in a skirt, or used as a slip dress for lace-y or crochet pieces. It's sleeveless, perfect for the lack of seasons here in Texas, and the fit makes it timeless. I bought it last year while in Round Top antiquing. Speaking of Round Top, the Fall antique show is around the corner. I'm very excited because we have made plans to go again, and this time we are taking the new camper and staying out there. Yay! Instead of going for just the day, we are going for a couple. Mike is thrilled....kidding. I've already started making a list of some things I want to find for the house. I am determined to have this house 90% done and decorated before the Holidays! As much as you may not want to believe or acknowledge it, the holidays are among us. What are some upcoming, exciting Fall plans you've made? 


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