Tuesday, September 6, 2016

When you want it, Make it

Hello lovelies hope your Labor Day weekend was as relaxing as mine. I had no plans and made no plans. With the exception of spending as much quality time with my #1 girl, best friend of 20+ years, and sis, Lisa. We brunched and visited all day yesterday, we didn't even get a photo together! Last week, I believe, when the VMA's were on, I totally missed it. In fact, I didn't even know it was coming on. As always, you see the next day on social media outlets or internet articles what all the celebs wore. When I saw Kim Kardashians shoes I immediately fell in love. Shortly after seeing the shoes I came up with the idea to make some, almost just like them, using what I already had. A choker necklace and some slip on heels! The next day I went to Forever 21 to buy another choker, like the one I already had, but unfortunately for me they no longer had the same choker in black. So I thought, I will buy a gold one and paint it. That  didn't really work out to well with the only black paint I had at the house. My sister suggested going to the craft store and buying something like it. In the end I ended using some leather  string for jewelry making instead of my actual choker. That I might still get online and order from Forever 21. 
I tied it tight and the outcome works for me.The similarity to her shoes are so parallel to me. It is good thing these shoes, that I have had for probably over 10 years, never made it to the giveaway pile. They got lost in the shuffle and stuck in a box that remained at my mom's house forever. I found the sometime earlier in the year and brought them home with me. I wore them one time with this very dress because the laser cut outs on the dress look like the straps on the shoe. Now, I can add a piece of string under the heel and I have a completely different style shoe! I challenge you to go look at Kim Kardashian's shoes from the evening of the 2016 VMA's, and then look at mine. Do you see the similarity? 


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