Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Photography Professor

For my birthday in July, Mike was very generous and got me a new camera. I had been complaining about the quality of my photos on my blog, so a new camera was the perfect birthday gift. He did beyond well with his choice. I got a Canon EOS Rebel T6 and I am loving it. I asked around and read about Canon's vs. Nikon's. There were pro's and con's of both but they both were neck and neck. Either one would have done the job. One thing I was also told and read, is that it's not about the camera, it's all about the lens. Since I have been blessed with the Canon EOS I have been playing around with it and trying to learn it as much as I can understand it. A lot of people, since getting my Canon, ask me who takes my photos, and really, I do. In a way. I obviously have whoever is available within my family take them for me. I adjust the settings and explain as best as I can what I am specifically looking for, for that particular shoot. I usually have already visualized what I want the images to look like and do my best to achieve it. If your a blogger you understand that one of the hardest things is finding a photographer to take photos of you. Having a nice camera helps so much with that because you can always edit/crop a good quality photo. Another thing that helps is having a good teacher. I didn't have a physical teacher, however, I was lucky enough to find and start following a fellow blogger a little over a year ago who takes amazing photographs. She is so good at photography that she wrote a downloadable free e-book for photography. I took all my lessons from that e-book. I've read it several times, starting before I even got my new camera. When I got my Canon I referred back to the e-book once again and took some basic notes to easily refer back to on a daily basis until I get the hang of it. One day I may take a photography class or two, but for now I consider her my little photography professor. The blog is called Bold Bliss. You will absolutely fall in love with her photographs and will be completely inspired and feel encouraged to produce good photographs. The way she writes makes it so easy to understand. I felt like she was writing it for me, to be able to understand, and I think that you will feel the same way while you are reading it as well. This isn't just for bloggers either. If you or you know someone who is new to photography this is an awesome resource to start with. Check out her blog and download her e-book to get started on your photography skills. 

Bold Bliss Blog

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