Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Motivational Jeans

My favorite jeans made it to the blog, I have had these jeans from AE Outfitters for about 7 years. Probably 4 of those years I never wore them because I could no longer fit in them. These are the kind of jeans that should have made it to the giveaway pile many times, but you tell yourself  'one day i'll fit in them again'. Or the piece of clothing that is your motivation to get in shape, so that you can wear it again. Have your ever kept clothes for that reason? These particular jeans for me are  somewhat of a motivational piece. They weren't necessarily the reason I shed a few lb's but I was so excited when they fit again. And oh so happy I didn't get rid of them. Just the other day I saw a fellow blogger wearing some flare jeans just like these. And just like her, hands down, I would choose this style of jeans over, the ever so popular, skinny jeans. These jeans have a pretty wide flare at the bottom. Mine are more like a bell bottom. Seeing as they are almost a decade old, it's unlikely you will find the exact pair. However, it's your lucky day because I did some research for you! Madewell currently has jeans that are similar anywhere from $99-$135. That's a little more than I would pay for sure. I'm an AE jeans girl, which are usually very reasonably priced for good quality jeans. I couldn't find a similar pair at AE at the moment but, but Hollister has a cute pair of flare jeans that are a very comparable look for $25! All of Hollister's jeans are on sale for $25 and free shipping if you order online over $50! Good deal for sure. Nordstrom had quite a selection of 'flare jeans', I listed a couple below that were as close to the style of my AE jeans. Nordstrom's anniversary sale is still going on as well, with just 5 more days left until it ends! With it being back to school, now is the time to buy some blue jeans. Do you like the look of flare jeans or bell bottoms? 

Madewell Flare Jeans
Hollister Flare Jeans
Nordstrom Flare Jeans - Mavi Jeans 'Pia'
Nordstrom Flare Jeans - DL1961 'Joy'

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