Monday, August 1, 2016

Day To Night

Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did. Although yet another weekend has flown by, it was very busy and filled with good times. My Monday has turned out to be quite busy as well. Today's post is over a look that is old and new, and can be worn during the day and night. I love an outfit that I can wear all day and change the look just by changing my shoes. For me, it would be appropriate to wear flip flops during the day, and change into heels for the evening. However, for some, you could wear the heels during the day, if you work in a professional setting perhaps, and then change into the flip flops at night! So easy. I have had this skirt for over 5 years and it has made it to the giveaway pile many times. But here it is. I paired it with this basic black crop top, that is cut so it shows just a smidgen of the side of my stomach typically, but this particular skirt is better worn high so you don't see much skin at all. Classy but still sexy, my motto when I "dress up". Hope you all have a fantastic Monday. Do you put on your heels or your flip flops for night time festivities? 
Day Look

Night Look

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