Monday, August 29, 2016

Creator, Owner, Director, Of My Blog.

Could it feel anymore like a Monday? This rain and the cloud cover is not helping. I'm most definitely ready for cool fall weather. I made this shirt a few weeks ago and wore it to the blogger crawl in Market Street - The Woodlands, but never got to take some photos in it to blog about. For that event I dressed it up with some black strappy heels. Today, not so much. First of all, my hair is dirty, so no styling was going to happen, and second, it's raining so sneakers are most appropriate. I think I prefer the heels with this skirt, in particular, because it gives me more length in the leg department. Next time I will be sure and wear a shorter skirt if I wear sneaks, because I am looking super short! Which I am already in real life. I'm only 5'3, so I don't need to accentuate that. With that being said, it's a super comfy outfit for this yucky weather.
Like I said, my hair needs washing, so I threw it in a bun and added my ever so reliable bandanna. I don't think I wear bandanna's enough. I feel like they are slightly underrated. They are great alternatives, if you have messy hair. to wearing a hat. Don't get me wrong, I love hats, but I was feeling the bandanna today. 
If you have visited my blog and noticed on the home page to the right, under 'Ashley Lewis', there's a brief statement about me. Creator, Owner, Director, of my blog is the first sentence. I thought how cute would that be on a shirt, so I had one of my talented besties make it for me. I took that thought a little further and made quite a few of the shirts to sell. Love the shirt? It's your lucky day... This shirt could be yours for $25 (plus shipping), if your local I can deliver. Contact me by visiting the 'About' page on the blog. Hope to see you wearing this shirt soon!

Cheers guys!

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