Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Act like a Lady

That's exactly what this adorable Cynthia Rowley dress makes me want to do, act like a lady. I sure feel like one in it. It screams femininity. I almost feel like I am channeling a character from Mad Men. I'm almost certain this dress style is from that era. The fit was perfect and I absolutely love the length. The soft, light colors and pattern are so subtle, making this dress ever so classy. It is perfect to wear for so many occasions, such as, weddings, showers, or even church. Like I said I felt like such a lady wearing it.  
This week on MN blog expect to see lots of fabulous dresses. You would think it was fashion week in the fashion industry. However, it just turns out I was in need of a few dresses for some events this particular week. I picked up a stunning Ted Baker dress at Nordstrom during their Anniversary Sale, that I am so obsessed with. I can't wait to share the look with you later in the week on the blog. Also, tonight I am attending an event and wearing a dress from Nightcap, that has me lost for words. Expect to see that dress as well on the blog, later this week. Sorry for the short post today, I have tons to do before this evenings festivities. Plus, who needs to read a lot when these pictures say it all!

Cynthia Rowley

Cheers guys!

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  1. I'm always in support of dresses which impart an air of ladylike charm in a grown-up fashion since most of what labels offer these days is nothing but a reinterpretation of girly glam Barbie. Your dress is the perfect blend of sophistication and youthfulness :)