Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Pillow Talk...and a Coffee Table

It's a rainy Wednesday here in The Woodlands. Much needed though. My poor plants are desperately trying to survive this heat. It turned out to be the perfect day to share today's post. I can't really do anything outside so we are going to step inside my house today. We finally got around to getting my coffee table I had made prepped and ready to paint. I did everything yesterday, as far as sanding, staining,  chalk painting, and clear coating. There wasn't a lot of time that went into getting it to look like this. Mainly because the whole goal was to have a rough, rustic, old coffee table that you can kick your feet up on and sit back and relax anyways. At our old house, when we had guest over, we never really used the couch in the living room because of the layout. It was open to the kitchen but too far away to sit in the living room and still chat with someone in the kitchen. In this house it's even more open and the kitchen, somewhat, faces the living room. We knew when we picked out the couch, it had to be very comfortable and I specifically had this table in mind for a coffee table because you can't really mess up an already beat up, used piece of wood. But you can make it look pretty. I loved the couch when we picked it out at Gallery Furniture, but I knew in the store I would eventually recover all of the pillows. I originally thought I would have someone make some covers for me with fabric I bought, however I decided to take up sewing by the time I got around to  even buying fabric and was getting sick of seeing to much gray. I'm not sure what color you would call the couch, I think it looks light gray, but some people think it looks beige? Regardless, it was too much of the same color. 8 large throw pillows and 1 small one in the same color as the rest of the couch, it needed color and pattern. I picked out some fabric, mostly at Joann's and Hobby Lobby, taught myself to sew pillow covers and went to town. The spool coffee table was an idea I got from a friends husband who makes them. Mike has a friend in Louisiana that had an end of a spool just like I wanted, so I was lucky enough to get my hands on it. I showed Mike some pictures on the kind of legs I wanted on the table and they could not have done a better job. I love it. The table brings an industrial chic look, and gives off a modern rustic vibe, to the living room. 
The first thing I did to the table was sand it really well with the coarsest sand paper (using an electric sander, of course).
After I sanded, I blew it out really well using the air compressor to make sure there wasn't left over sawdust in the cracks before I stained it. I used Miniwax Wood Finish in Classic Gray 271 for the stain brand and color. I put, equivalent to, 2 coats of the stain and wiped the excess off well.
I let the stain dry for about an hour, maybe longer, and then I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White for the white wash technique. How I do my white wash technique; I used a paint brush to paint on the AS Pure White in random areas, immediately go over with a rag, finger dipped in water, and blend well around the area. Depending on how heavy you want the white, either wipe less where you painted it on or use more water on the rag to blend in. If that makes sense. I always have a bowl or cup of water to use with the rag for every area I use the paint brush in. 
I was so excited to get my pillows covered after I had made them, that I ended up having to take all of them off again so I could get a before picture of what they looked like. And let me tell you, it's obvious i'm and amateur at sewing because the covers fit like OJ Simpson's glove on some of these pillows. It is a work out to get them on and off. 
You can see in the photo, the table before we flipped it and I painted it. I have to say, even before I painted the table to pillows made a big difference. 

Everything is coming along slowly but surely around here.  I have plans for something fun on the wall above the couch. I have a history of not ever getting around to hanging things on freshly painted walls, but I told myself, not this time. I'm also trying to motivate myself to get rolling on painting the kitchen cabinets. That will make such a HUGE difference for the whole house, so I just need to get my butt over to Michella Marie and have her make a blend for me. What do you think about the pillow fabric choices and spool table as a coffee table? Does it look comfortable and inviting enough for you? 

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  1. Wow! Love the coffee table, Ash!
    Can I move in?!