Monday, July 18, 2016

My Tropical Paradise

Hello Monday! Your turning out to be a rather beautiful day so far. A perfect day to be posting about my tropical paradise I've got going on in the backyard. One of the first things we did, or focus on, when we moved in 3 months ago, was the backyard. It was important to both of us because we love being outdoors. And, not to mention, the one main reason we moved was because this house had a pool that we had been wanting for a couple years. The backyard needed some major t.l.c., and that's exactly what we have been doing and are still doing. There are quite a few things we still want to do and it's happening with time. For now we have it set up to where we are comfortable back there and actually want to be back there. I knew from the start I wanted the backyard to have a tropical, exotic feel. Specifically French Riviera/Amalfi Coast tropical and Grecian exotic. Ha! Weird, yes, I know. Especially because I haven't visited any of the three locations. Obviously, I would like to though. I have been enjoying all my flowers and desperately trying to keep them alive in this heat. I'm excited because a couple weeks ago I got a clipping from a gorgeous Plumeria tree or shrub, whatever they are considered, and it's in a pot. Looking terrible, however I was told it was supposed to look like that and I do have new growth. I can only hope it turns out as gorgeous as the tree/shrub it came from. A mature Plumeria will be perfect for the tropical vibe going on in the backyard. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and I hope these pictures will brighten your day and bring you back to your favorite tropical destination. Have a wonderful week, and come back soon to see what's happening on the blog!

 P.S. Can you tell I like flamingo's? A little ridiculous, I know!

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