Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Fray Not My Friends

Lately I have seen so many pictures of frayed jean capri's on so many style and fashion bloggers and guru's sites, mainly on instagram. Are they back in style? Wait...Were they ever in style? Although they look great and I would love to have a pair, I just can't, for a couple reasons. One, the price of designer jeans is unreasonable and not logical. Especially if your style changes with new trends. Looking at them, it just seems so silly to buy something you ultimately already have. Two, I look at them and think to myself how easy, and cheap, it would be to make some myself, which leads me to three, if your anything like me there are plenty of spare jeans in the closet. I have some that are too big and too small, out of style or out of order because they need to be stitched and fixed. I have jeans that should have gone to Goodwill when we moved 3 months ago. For some reason I hold on to them and this is why, so I could stay up to date with what is currently trending, for cheap, and make my own frayed jean capri's. For the blue jeans I cut right above the existing hem line on the bottom of each pant leg. They were already at a good capri length so I didn't want to cut to much off. For the black jeans, I tried those on to get a line marked. They were already super long, and very old, so these were perfect to test out on. After both jean's were cut I put both pant legs together, matched them up, and went to town with a potato peeler to help achieve the 'frayed look'. While using the potato peeler I went in one direction and then other to make sure I was getting the most fray I could. I didn't get much and I am assuming because these aren't genuine blue jean material. Be careful, it's easy to hack off a chunk of a finger, like yours truly, using the potato peeler on this little project. After I was done peeling, I threw them in the washer and dryer.
They may not look exactly like the cute designer jeans, but i'm optimistic with a few more washes and a couple more times of using the potato peeler, they will look even more frayed. As long as they are comfortable, I don't care how much they are frayed. I can wear them casually or I could throw on some heels and a blazer and they could pass as 'slightly' dressy. What are your thoughts about this look?

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